Louder Than War Video Interview: RX Bandits

RX Bandits have been plying their trade for almost twenty years now, and a brief hiatus, as well as changes in personnel, have done nothing to hamper their reputation, Louder Than War’s Ian Critchley does a video interview with them.

My interview was scheduled for 17:45, yet I was still waiting at the bus stop with less than an hour to go. How the hell would I get into Manchester, down Oxford Road, and outside the academy in such a short time? I spent the entire bus ride pissing my pants with fear that I might miss my slot. I was meant to be interviewing Rx Bandits, for Christ’s sake.

I arrived outside with five minutes to spare, drenched in sweat, but quite glad that the adrenaline from the sprint across Manchester centre was overwhelming the nerves I had. I rang the tour manager, Ed, who spied me from the van and decided to freak me out by saying things like “I have you on CCTV” and then describing every acute detail of my clothing to me while I looked around not having a fucking clue where he was. We shook hands and he took me upstairs,

“The band are just sound checking, do you mind waiting?”

I nearly blurted out something about how I would wait a hundred years, naked in Siberia, for a chance to watch the guys soundcheck. But I didn’t, thank god. I hung around while they worked out the levels and listened to a few songs including “Dinna-Dawg”, “In Her Drawer”, and also Matt jamming out the Final Fantasy title music.

They asked if it’d be fine if I interviewed Matt and Steve while the latter got some ink done and, being a stickler for an interesting interview angle, was happy to oblige…



You can visit the band’s website here, their Facebook here and their Twitter here.

All words by Ian Critchley. More writing by Ian on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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