To got on pageA meeting of legendary punk is happening in the UK right now as Ruts DC take to the road as guests of The Damned on their winter tour. Tour diary, day one.

Today Ruts DC set off on their merry way to join the Damned’s winter tour, kicking off tonight in Bristol.

The band have graciously offered to give Louder Than War an exclusive insight into “life on the road” on what promises to be one of the best punk bills seen on these shores for many a year. Here we join bassist, singer and one-man punk raconteur Segs Jennings as he gets on the bus with just a slight air of déjà vu…


Here we are, Day 1 of 16 days on the road with our old friends The Damned. Now, some may know, and some may not, but as The Ruts we toured with The Damned back in the day on several occasions, any one of them could be described as a “catalogue of extremes” (of which more later.)

It was with some trepidation that we accepted the kind offer to be “Very Special Guests” on the Damned’s 13 tour. We were told that we would be sharing (and sleeping on) a tour bus … two bands, and crew. Although personally I have experienced similar (well worse, really) conditions with Alabama 3 I still wasn’t relishing the thought!

The last time we shared a coach with The Damned we started “The 24 Hour Club”. Say no more. The drugs of choice back then were alcohol and Travellers Friend coffee (3 pulls and stir well.) I never saw Vanian sleep, even though we used to creep up to the front of the coach to catch him out!!

It turns out we have our own Ruts DC bus this time … good news!! And as we leave the meeting point at Uxbridge station, heading for tonights gig in Bristol, we look forward to seeing Captain and Dave and the boys (Rat sadly is not in attendance) and catching up on news since we last saw them in 2007.

The shows are going to be great, there’s no doubt…

Watch this space for further news and adventures!



Details of this must-see tour can be found at Ruts DC’s Website here: theruts.co.uk.

Ruts DC Tour Diary: Part One

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