Ruts DC: The Moorings Bar, Aberdeen – live review

Ruts DC
The Moorings Bar, Aberdeen
29th September 2013

This was my third night with the Ruts DC on their tour of Scotland; I told them this was the going to be the best, IT WAS, but the other two nights were bloody brilliant too…

“One Step” from the new album goes down a storm a mellow reggae track everyone is skanking along,  Ruffy and Segs are the Sly & Robbie of punk, they work perfectly together and with Leigh Heggarty on guitar , Shamus on keyboards , Molara on vocals they  all blend together to make it one punk reggae party.

We have had songs about death and drugs so lets mellow out says Segs, we have one about a riot now he says with a cheeky grin “Jah War” is up next and Molara sings it beautifully.

“Backbiter” is the 1st punky tune of the night everyone starts jumping around, singing along.

“Something That I Said”; another old one goes down a treat, with everyone singing along.

“Love In Vain” is another mellow reggae tune but is a very serious song about the effects of heroin , if you need to get high get along to a Ruts DC gig ( or any band you like) and dance around and get high on life and music, it can’t be beat it’s a natural high..

“Staring At The Rude Boys” has the crowd going wild jumping about, people falling down getting helped back to carry on dancing, Molara is dancing around the stage too but speaks to the girls in the crowd and tell them don’t let the boys push you about with a grin on her face… no time for rest it is quickly followed by “ Babylon’s  Burning” and The Moorings is still being rocked to the core; Segs and Leigh play this one with a vengeance and put there all in to it, the band all look knackered after an amazing show…

That’s it we are done, but since there is no point going off the stage and coming back, you all turn around and turn back and clap like we have been off the stage and came back jokes the band..

For the final 2 songs I got on stage, stood beside Ruffy to take some pictures: “Dope For Guns” is played and a couple of fans get up on stage and sing along, and are still there for “In A Rut” which has “Give Youth A Chance” incorporated in to it and I am thinking to myself put your camera down and join in too, but I stay professional and take pictures – all the time looking at the crowd from the bands point of view, seeing all the happy smiling faces jumping about..

“More, more” the crowd shout and we are treated to an extra song “H Eyes” which had not been played on the previous nights Gig


Whatever We Do
One Step
It Was Cold
Smiling Culture
No Time To Kill
Mirror Smashed
Something That I Said
Love In Nain
Mighty Soldier
West One
Rude Boys
Dope for guns
In A Rut
H Eyes

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