Ruts DC: Reading Rooms, Dundee – live review

Ruts DC
The Reading Rooms, Dundee
March 17th 2013

Words: Windsor Punk
Photos: Dod Morrison

The night starts by strolling into The Reading Rooms, to be met by Leigh Haggerty manning the merch table for the Ruts DC. I brief chat with Leigh and I buy the new album from Ruts DC ‘Rhythm Collision Vol 2’, I have waited a long time for the next release and now I have it in my paws I can’t wait to hear some tracks from the album being played.

The Ruts DC then take to the stage , I last seen them at Rebellion festival last August and before that was right here in Dundee at the Caird Hall in 1980 with the Damned and Irritators a week after Malcolm Owen had died. So seeing The Ruts DC play Dundee again is a very special thing for me and here they are right in front of me in a small venue about to start the set.

The band start the night off with ‘Whatever We Do’ a fantastic song from ‘Rhythm collision Vol 1’ the drums and bass kick in and it is a powerful sound that blasts from the PA. First impressions are that the bloke doing the sound knows what he is doing thankfully cos that bass drum and bass guitar get the heavy dub treatment and pound out some heavy sounds.
Next up is Fools and One Step; I’m sure One Step was new so must be off the new album, but I’d have to wait to confirm this …low and behold it is on the new album, and it is another superb song with that reggae feel to the music and superb vocals.

Then we are treated to a few Ruts songs … Backbiter and It Was Cold got the old Ruts fans jumping about and I must say the band gave it 100%. Seggs treats us to some stories along the way all funny of course and he has the place in the palm of his hand at this point…he can say or do no wrong from now on.

Next up is Smiling Culture another new song from the latest album and it doesn’t disappoint.
Also No Time To Kill, then Mirror Smashed a ditty from the Animal Now album.

Ruts DC: Reading Rooms, Dundee – live review

The band rip through the songs like a warm knife through butter, everyone is cheering them on …not one person standing still while the band plays I don’t think.
Staring At The Rude Boys is up next and this is the one that really sets the tone for the last half of the gig … Love In Vain follows and everyone is in fine singing voice … followed by another new track called Mighty Soldier which is a superb track.

Jah War the into Dope For Guns and a little story from Seggs again and it’s into West One Shine On Me…the set is finished with Weak Heart Babylon which as you can suss incorporates Babylons Burning .
On the whole the gig is one of the best I’ve ever attended. The venue was just right , the sound was just right , the band were perfect ,and the fans loved every last minute of it . I chatted to people I’ve known for 35 years who attended the gig but hadn’t been to a gig for a very long time, they were blown away by the Ruts DC. Everyone I talked too about the gig said the same thing, this was one of the best gigs they’d seen and I had to agree.

Don’t hesitate – if you’re an old Ruts fan or Ruts DC fan, get along to the gigs while you can, buy the latest album you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. it was a magic night from start to finish,i too was at the caird hall gig in which the band played played with real passion and energy it was made even better by the fact that they werent even on the bill it was the iratators from manchester and billy karloff and the extremes in support of the damned but as the support bands finished whilst we were waiting for the damned to come on they played a couple of live ruts tracks over the p.a the next thing i knew the lights dimmed and out stormed the ruts toplay a stormer of a gig which i will never forget,i remember it like it was yesterday foxy was tearing up the stage and kept getting tangled up in hi s guitar lead it was made all the more poignant as malcolm had sadly died the week before,dont get me wrong the damned were on top form also that night but the ruts blew everyone away the powerhouse that was foxy,segs n ruffy was there for all to see fast forward to sunday we have the ruts dc playing in dundees finest club the reading rooms a great venue with a great sound on my 50th birthday they played a blinding set ,i was given a birthday shout out from ruffy half way thru the gig then at the end of the gig segs got me up to sing babylons burning with them and i was given ruffys setlist yet again the lads came to dundee and blew the roof off ,but hey dont wait so long to come back the next time cos dundee still loves you.

  2. yes a class nite at the rooms in dundee RUTS DC, FANTASTIC, HOPE YOU COME BACK BHOYS, PS THE READING ROOMS A 1ST CLASS AREANA..


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