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Ruts DC: Preston 53 Degrees – live reviewRuts DC

53 Degrees, Preston

6th October 2013

“What’s changed in politics from back in the day? Fuck all basically; recession, Tories in, talking shit!”

There’s no way to put it better than this message relayed from the stage as RUTS DC delivered a set which reminded us perfectly why The Ruts were, in days gone by, the best of the bunch and why the loss of Malcolm Owen robbed us all of something that could’ve been so much more.

Ruts DC aren’t meant to be like The Ruts, but they do remind us of The Ruts, of the greatness of The Ruts. The inclusion of some of those punk classics in their set took me back to Shrewsbury Music Hall in 1979 when I went to my first proper gig and saw The Ruts in all their glory. No spitting from the crowd tonight though.

So, 34 years after experiencing it for the first time, I was desperate for the live experience again. That album The Crack is one of my all time favourites, so anything from that time was going to be a winner with me!

The crisis in Syria got a mention ahead of “No Time To Kill” – stop shit from happening was the call, whilst “Love in Vain” was devoted to Malcolm Owen and to anyone else who’s lost a loved one due to misadventure.

Backbiter and SUS featured too, but the monumental bass intro to It Was Cold is classic and it filled the room. It was Punk Rock Perfection. Heavy, tight and almost menacing. If they’d just played that track tonight, I’d have gone home happy enough!

The singles were of course given VIP status – Something That I Said, Babylon’s Burning, West One, Jah War and, in my opinion, the best Punk single ever, Staring at the Rude Boys all delivered and received like it was 1979!

To finish, it was of course In A Rut. I need say nothing about that tune.

Overall, a magnificent evening. I spent some time wondering what Ruts DC would be like with a vocalist up front, but as someone (highly respected) fairly pointed out, they’re not trying to be The Ruts.

Catch them soon.

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