Rumours! Stone Roses album in 2015?There have been a few rumours floating around town in the last couple of weeks about the Stone Roses album.

Let’s underline that this is merely a rumour and could be mere gossip but it was not from a ‘bloke in a pub’.

The talk is that the Stone Roses are going to spend 2014 writing and rehearsing the album and it will get released in 2015.

This kind of makes sense for a band that is never in a hurry  and will only release when it is ready- we guess if they don’t feel the music is  right they will not release at all.

At the moment there are no gigs booked and apart from a crafty Glastonbury headliner it’s hard to see what kind of big event is left to do in the UK- again this does not rule out the band suddenly re-emerging like they did for the Warrington show and playing off the wall gigs.

Let’s face it the lack of information and interviews and boring career plan makes the Roses so magical doesn’t it (apart from the music and all the other genius stuff!). It may drive fans mad but you have to  admit it’s pretty fascinating trying to guess the next move by this most mysterious of rock bands.

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