Rumours … Oasis To Reform In 2015?

Photo of Oasis © Ian Tilton

Of course this is a rumour that goes round and round and sometimes seems to be such a foregone conclusion that it prevents it ever happening.

The Oasis to reform whispers were happening again this week in London with talk of plans for the band to get together in 2015 and play huge shows- bigger than the Roses gigs. There was no talk of who would actually be in the band and which line up it would be just a nod in the direction of something happening.

It’s a tricky one to call- is it too soon? the band swerved the 20 years of Britpop and the release of their debut album which seems the obvious date maybe hoping to escape the evil clutches of history and try and forge their own space. After the Stone Roses it seems that every warring Manc band has been asked to get back together- at the moment nothing is happening with the Smiths and Oasis and perhaps New Order are the other broken bands that need fixing.

Apart from all the talk we wonder if Noel is too canny  an operator to come back so soon and there is still no sign of the Gallaghers talking but that hasn’t stopped these kind of things int he past from happening.

Stay tuned…


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