Ccsn5UzXIAAR0LWIn a  week of swirling rumours, hopeful conjecture and loose talk the latest Stone Roses heat is that there will be an announcement at 2pm today.There is still no sign of what is could be – a live album, new stuff or no news at all.

The only band left who can generate a massive story out of doing and saying nothing the Stone Roses have used the internet perfectly by not using it at all…

We know they have been in the studio and we know that new songs exist but whether the release them or finish them off or give them away or make a new album or leave in the studio is, well, the mystery…or news that cannot be leaked! Absolute Radio are hinting at a 2pm story…


The mystery lemon poster has also just appeared in Vinyl Revival record shop in Manchester – one of their favoured mystery poster drop off points – it could mean nothing or it could mean everything – who is fucking with whose head! it’s far more fun and exciting than the usual PR machine that’s for sure.

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  1. You do realise that Vinyl Revival don’t and have never known anything? They are merely one of many places in the Northern Quarter of Manchester that have gig posters up. The Stone Roses didn’t personally choose to put any posters up in that shop, the PR company who distribute posters put them everywhere they could (and they actually own the clip frames that posters get put in in many of the shops). They nothing more than the people in Affleks or the Koffee Pot. And no posters have gone up today either – VR have merely framed one of the old posters that went up ages ago.

  2. And as you can see by their latest tweet – having now realised nothing is being announced today, they are pretending that they were just announcing some prints coming back into stock. Vinyl Revival are just a second hand record shop with no connection whatsoever to the Stone Roses. If you want a record shop in Manchester with a Roses connection, check out HMV – because Pete Garner works in there!


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