Rumours: Depeche Mode and Fleetwood Mac for Glastonbury 2014It’s apt that these are just ‘rumours’ as Fleetwood mac look like a strong bet for Glastonbury 2014- they were close to playing it this year but were tempted away by bigger offers…the wild card is that Depeche Mode are in the running – could be an interesting choice- far bigger than people think they are and with a festival greaest hits set all of their own Depeche Mode could pull this off…

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  1. Both these would be great. The Mac for a Saturday night spot for sure. Depeche Mode really are underrated as a band I think. The tabloids in particular seem to still talk about Martin Gore wearing a leather skirt 25 years ago as opposed to their often overpoweringly brilliant music.

    They’re more like a rock band when you think about it. I remember reading about how they recorded their debut album in London and used to get the train back to Basildon most nights and end up getting into fights with drunks because of the way they looked, in what they called ‘pure Essex violence!’


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