Rumour…Stone Roses to announce split? (web rumour spreads on forums..)One of the greatest ever British bands could be about to call it a day according to rumours on fan wesbites and other sources.


We would like to stress that we have heard nothing concrete yet that we can report and we are  still hoping that the band will create some more magic at some time…but if it is true (and wee like to stress this is a rumour) at least   we will have the memories of those stunning gigs and their huge influence.


There’s a lot of chat on Stone Roses forums and we hope it’s all bollocks but it’s making its way through the fan pages fast. Forums are notorious for wind ups and rumours so who knows with this? maybe it’s just another wind up? We don’t know and LTW boss John Robb is not around to ask!

The latest rumour seems to be on here…

 We also got sent this message…make what you will of it…it could be speculation or guess work…
‘I just had word from a friend who works at Universal Records and announcement will be made next week regarding the bands future. Says the bands representatives and Universals are working on ending the contract and the guys going their separate ways. According to a band source after all the gigs were finished trying to recreate magic between four very different entities as compared to their earlier incarnation just didn’t work. The usual obligatory band statement will conclude with them all remaining good friends and ending for good The Stone Roses. ‘
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  1. Could you make an attempt to reformat the text and maybe add a nice little spin on the story so that it does not look like you have just copied and pasted from a phone !!

    Im here though so im sure the hit count was high.

  2. You’re ‘reporting’ using IAWS as a source now?
    Guess you’re not as tight with the band as you’d like (others) to think eh?

  3. If it is true then actually I’m OK with it. It would make the reunion tours all the more special, leaving us with an alternate memory of the Roses, instead of those 95/96 tours with no Reni, Squire quitting and the Reading festival. What a great legacy the last two years would be!

  4. Rumours were rife recently about U2 splitting up… But they were a load of bollocks.

    Just because the Roses aren’t publicity whores – who tweet their every move – why do people have to assume the worst and be negative? Did it ever occur to people that the reason the band are ‘quiet’ is because they might actually be working? I hope they smash it and prove everyone wrong…

    Could Gareth be behind this rumour? It’s the sort of stunt Mr. Evans used to pull in the old days…


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