John Lydon

John Lydon

RUMOUR! John Lydon to be Ireland’s 2018 Eurovision entry

Rumours are swirling that ex-Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten nee Lydon will be Ireland’s 2018 Eurovision entry!!

Whether it’s true or not it’s a delicious thought!

Adding fuel to the fire was a recent interviewew on the Paul McLoone Show on Today FM, McLoone questioned Johnny Rotten (born John Lydon) about the rumours circulating around his participation for Ireland at the competition… and he didn’t deny anything!

McLoone asked:

There’s rumours floating around that you’re in line to step in and provide Ireland with its next Eurovision winner. That can’t be true, right?

Lydon laughs and then replies; “As rumours go, that’s a beaut!”…he then elaborated, adding to the mystery by saying:

Nothing’s been signed. Just like the Bible, Jesus has yet to put His signature to it. So it’s a rumour. But as rumours go, I’m fully qualified, aren’t I? As an American-English-Irishman. Perfect! Well travelled, well seasoned, up and at it, ready!

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