The legendary Crass Records released band anarchy/deathrock band, Rudimentary Peni, are to have their amazing albums remastered and released this year by Southern Records.

It’s hard to think of a band more original than Rudimentary Peni working within the punk framework.

Their darkly macabre music and band member Nick Blinko’s black humour laced lyrics and record sleeves sounded like music pulled inside out and were packed with lyrical and musical concepts like no other. The band have only ever played about ten gigs and are still in existence occasionally releasing an album and still sounding far and away from any other band and another great example of the often ignored experimental genius going on outside the more received version of the post punk history.

Bassist Matthews explained how he came up with the name of the band: “When I was at school studying biology, we were told that in the fetal stage the clitoris is a rudimentary penis.”


  1. The greatest of the Hemel/ Kings Langley bands bursting out in ’81. 14 tracks on 7 inches! I wonder what happened to the stuff they were doing with Albini.


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