Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 14.51.52It was a wonderful afternoon here in Nottingham – the Royal city of Robin Hood of all places!  when two human beings with a magnetic aura like NO OTHER walked through the city streets . A bussed in crowd of confused schoolchildren waved plastic flags and cheered loudly after being told to as they looked around bemused.

Prince Harry, who has the dashing looks of his father, walked across the road perfectly in a way that no other human being has ever managed and his wife to be – a world-famous actress – walked beside him. Walking with a grace with one foot in front of the other, in a way that we mere mortals can only gasp at! It was noticeable that the black coat she was wearing has been copied all across this city and many other UK cities with young woman rushing to buy black coats to honour the bride to be – some of them even buying their black coats a year in advance of the happy event in anticipation of this great moment.

The couple shook hands and breathed in and out as they walked about the merry throng and even spoke to some people. They said ‘hello’ and someone said ‘hello’ back. It wasn’t just a normal ‘hello’ but one said in a way that was most wondrous and spoken in a way that us mere mortals cannot manage.

Prince Harry showed remarkable patience in dealing with the public but then not anyone can join the royal family – like any high-level job only hard working fully qualified people with all kind of skills can do this job and you can only wonder at the breathtaking brilliance of someone like his royal highness.

It was a very special moment and even if it only lasted minutes it was one that should dominate the news schedule all day and banish all that horrible bad news away.


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