Roy Moller: Be My Baby – book review

Roy Moller

Be My Baby

Dionysia Press

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Scottish poet and songwriter releases his most profoundly affecting – and deeply personal – work to date.

In August this year, the much-loved Scottish cult artist Roy Moller released his first new music in four years, the typically witty and thought-provoking single, Semicolon. The Dunbar-based polymath had spent most of the preceding four years working on his second book of poetry.  Published by Dionysia Press, Be My Baby is a deeply affecting narrative-based poetry book that documents Moller’s search for his roots, as the adopted poet sets out to discover, in his fifties, who his birth parents were.

Be My Baby does not merely recount the fascinating story that Moller was able to piece together, it’s also beautifully written, as Moller uses his poetic skills to bring his story to life with extraordinary tenderness and poignancy.

There is a bittersweet but accepting tone as Moller unravels the threads of the circumstances around his birth, so long shrouded in mystery while he grew up in Edinburgh, in the loving and supportive environment provided by his adoptive parents, Peter and Mollie.

It would be unfair to spoil the reader’s enjoyment of Be My Baby by revealing too many details, but suffice to say, the revelations that Moller discovers about his birth parents shed new light on this multi-faceted artist’s extraordinary creativity and deeply personal worldview.

Roy Moller: Be My Baby – book review

While a brief synopsis might suggest that Be My Baby is akin to an episode of BBC One’s Who Do You Think You Are? in poetic form, the reality is rather different – this is a profoundly heartfelt work that gains new angles and perspectives from Moller’s skilful use of the medium of poetry to explore universal themes of belonging and identity.

Be My Baby is an absolute joy to read – Moller’s writing is not only precise and beautifully evocative, but also clear and accessible, making this book a thoughtful present for a friend and a gateway conduit to Moller’s always fascinating body of work.

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All words by Gus Ironside. More writing by Gus can be found here.

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