Ron Reyes is fired from Black Flag- new vocalist in placeThe vocalist with the reformed Black Flag, Ron Reyes has been sacked from the revived band.

The band have hardly had a trouble free reformation with court cases and a mixed reaction to their upcoming album.

Greg Ginn is famously hard to work with and it seem that Ron is the latest casualty in a long list when he was fired on stage at the November 24th date of band’s Australian tour and was replaced by professional skateboarder Mike Vallely.

In a facebook entry Ron doesn’t very happy with Flag mastermind Greg Ginn…





‘The writing was on the wall since before we played our first show. So many things went wrong from the start. I was into things like having a good drummer, rehearsing and spending time on things like beginnings and endings of songs, being a little less distracted with tour life and a little more on the ball. You know things that would make our efforts worthy of the name Black Flag… Yes it is my opinion that we fell very short indeed and the deminihing ticket sales and crowds are a testament to that. However It was made clear to me that raising these issues was tantamount to a blasphemous stab in the back to Greg. How could I question him, his efforts and hard work? How could I dare be a fan of OFF!  And or be friends and a fan of Flag?  I was told that I had to chose sides. But I refuse to treat someone like an infalable Pope figure. No guitarist deserves such unquestioning blind devotion. And so I have been excommunicated in a very strange fashion.


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