Rolling Stones to play israel in June? European tour in the summer?A ‘source in the music industry’  confirmed this morning that The Rolling Stones are in negotiations to perform in Israel in June. The band who played  a great gig in Glastonbury last year look like they are booking dates through the summer…

Although nothing has been signed yet, the standing offer of $4.5 mil. is the highest amount Israel has ever offered the band to perform there.

The concert would take place in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park and tickets would be expected to cost over NIS 400 each.

If the gig goes ahead will the band get loads of flack for playing Israel like Jello Biafra did or should bands be free to play wherever they want?

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  1. “I was shocked to see these walls, it’s a new apartheid, barbaric behaviour: How can you impose such a collective punishment and separate people? After all, we are all living on the same planet. It seems to me the world should have already learned from what happened in South Africa. And a country that hasn’t learned should be boycotted, so that’s why I don’t perform in your country.” – Nigel Kennedy, 2007

  2. …if Mr.Kennedy doesn’t understand Israel realities and history than he is analphabetic shmock…if Mr.Kennedy does understand-then he is pro-arabic nazi, friend of Hamas,Nasrallah and Assad…


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