Rolling Stones 'Grrr' Sod the greatest hits, it's time to make the grizzled, unapologetic old man album
Rolling Stones ‘Grrr’ Sod the greatest hits, it’s time to make the grizzled, unapologetic old man album

We are not here to knock the Rolling Stones- they have released some wonderful music over the years and remain one of the great live bands and there is something quite inspiring about their grizzled ancient monument status.

The older they get the cooler they look- like they really have become those old pirates.

The news that they are about to release a new greatest hits compilation album, the wonderfully entitled Grrr, has us scratching our heads though! Is there any way left to reassemble those long lost hits into a new order? surely they have been released loads of times before. The songs are nearly all classics but everyone must have them now!

The album is to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary, following on from the greatest hits compilation from their 40th anniversary and there are no new hits in the last ten years to add on there.

I’m more interested in seeing them play live, they were really rocking last time I saw them even if Keef could barely stand up. I would be interested in hearing a really grizzled, unapologetic old man album from the band just like Bob Dylan has just done or Tom Waits does all the time. Maybe an attempt to bury the Peter Pan thing for once and for all and give up on pretending to be hip and young and make a record that harnesses their attributes which are well suited to the crackled wisdom song canyon…a final end game triumph?

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  1. The Stones have been getting away with murder for years so its no surprise.
    If fact if you listen very closely you can probably hear the onomatopoeic title of this record being uttered from a grave somewhere in Cheltenham right now!

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  3. I am a HUGE HUGE Stones fan and I gotta ask – how many times do they want us to pay for the same songs? If you’re into the Stones and buy every album (ooops, showing my age) as it’s released, then you have the majority of the songs. In this particular instance, if there are 50 songs and they very shrewdly add 2 new ones, then I am paying for 48 songs I already have on NUMEROUS other albums. This is not the first time they’ve done this. They started this with Sucking In The Seventies. You could not get Everything’s Turning to Gold unless you bought that album. Of course, that was back in the day before the internet and youtube. They did it with 40 Licks – Stealing My Heart, Don’t Stop, etc. They REreleased Exile On Main Street – ooh 10 new songs – which if you’re a Stones collector, you had 8 of them already. And more recently, they did the same with Some Girls. They should get their butts back in the studio and put out an entirely NEW album, which would please their loyal fans and net them a tidy profit since that’s all they seem to care about lately.


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