Look we love the Rolling Stones.


It’s like John Cooper Clarke is fond of saying ‘if you don’t love the Rolling Stones, you don’t love rock n roll’ and who are we to argue with the legendary bard.


But there’s a lot about the Stones we don’t like as well and the main problem is the way that they have become a well oiled (with some more well oiled than others) money making machine. We are not dumb enough to think the counter culture and idealism of the sixties actually meant very much to many people and it seems like a generation of musicians have been milking it ever since with the Stones milking it more than anyone.


Don’t get me wrong here, I’ve seen the Stones play several times and love their rock n roll bones but their fleecing of the fans has always been a bit awkward and it seems to have finally caught up with them as their American tour is selling very badly which is no wonder with the cheap tickets starting at 110 dollars in the middle of the worst recession for years.


The situation has now got so bad that the band may have to reduce their tour fee and ticket prices will be forces down. They may even have to paper the house like other big name brands do- that is give away tickets to give the impression that they can still sell out the mini arenas.

Whilst we don’t expect one of the great rock n roll shows to go out for free, it would have been cool for the 50th anniversary tour to have been a joint celebration for the fans and the band with ticket prices affordable for the recession hit fan…but that was never what the Stones were about was it?

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  1. the stones are just a business nowadays and have been for 30 odd years. I am glad this has happened, it serves the greedy bastards right, especially Jagger. The stones were a great band in their day but they have more in common with tesco’s now than what they were in the 60’s. Of course all the ‘radicalism’ of the 60’s was a big con but at least they were a terrific band whereas today all we are left with is a social event for the liggers/hangers on, a parody and a money making behemoth. As far as i’m concerned the Stones ended in the late 70’s/early 80’s.


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