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Rocket From The Crypt

Koko, Old London Town, UK

6 December 2013

Rocket From The Crypt have been so good on this return to the UK tour that we have decided to review them again! Nick Brown feels their soul power.Quiff and get ready to read about the rock!

Welcome back yous guys. The rock’n’roll Cadillac from San Diego has returned. Olde London Town’s glad to see you again. We missed you. It’s 18 years since you played an in-store at my record shop Intoxica.

The joint was crammed with veteran viewers,seasoned lightly with virgin listeners, and it was the latter I empathised with. The first time I saw them was a strike, a 300 game. That initial zero in was sublime. It doesn’t happen very often, and for that, I envy them. Tonight reminded me of this.

It’s good to know they haven’t learnt any new chords in the last 15 years or so. Tonight they glowed with confidence. Maybe it’s experience, maybe it’s ‘older’n’wiser’, but this is now a band that is assured in thier “yeah we’re punk rock. yeah we’re rock’n’roll. so…….urgh…hit it” stance. It could be argued that they lost their stride(s) in their last few original years, as they strived to reach a larger audience – and who could blame them – but they’re now back on waxed lanes and bowling like demons. They know what they’re good at and they do it so damn well. It’s like The Saints with Jimmy Swaggart (without the scandals) on vocals.

It took a few songs before they hit ‘intense’, but ‘Born In 69’ sent the pins flying. I’m still unsure if the audience sing-a-long for ‘On A Rope’ was annoying or uplifting. It was so loud, it drowned out the band.

Speedo has lost none of his between song banter and seemed impressed with his discovery of the ‘Nuts’ magazine. For those familiar with the interior of Koko, his observation of playing on the Muppet show will be amusing.

Crash…next song..crash ‘My Arrows Aim’…crash…no let up. It’s how it’s supposed to be and Rocket From The Crypt know how to walk that great rock’n’roll thin line. It’s nailed to the crotch of their Elvis suits.

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