Rock ‘n’ roll – now accepted on Countdown

Richard Whitely will be spinning like a 12″ white label… though we suspect Rchel Riley will understand.

News reaches us that such down with the kids terms as ‘Dubstep’ and ‘Grime’ have been listed as new inclusions in the latest 2012 edition of the Chambers Dictionary.

The genre which is defined as a “type of electronic popular dance music developed from drum and bass” has seen a recent upsurge in the last 18 months with the mainstream success of the likes of Magnetic Man and Katy B in the UK charts.

The phrase is one of 200 new additions to the forthcoming edition of the dictionary. Other entries include ‘Grime’ which is defined “as a style of popular music combining elements of dancehall and hip-hop” and ‘Boyband’, which is given the definition “A pop group, targeting mainly the teenage market, composed of young males chosen because they look good and can dance and sometimes even sing”.
I thought a dictionary was suppossed to offer simple understandable deinitions? In the case of ‘boyband’ they seem to have ommited the further descriptive “utter shite” which surely would have helped readers.

Other terms newly included in the latest edition are ‘Beatboxing’ which is described “Imitating an electronic drum machine using the voice” and ‘Cloud’, which is described as “a metaphorical image used for the internet”.

According to the writers of the dictionary, words are carefully monitored over a long period before being included to make sure they are not passing fads, hence it taking ‘beatboxing’ over ten years to be included.


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