rock n roll and football book- musicians talk about their love of Celtic in gripping new book

Faithful Through And Through…a book about rock n roll and football


Football and rock n roll have always been close- the noise and fury of the city perfectly captured.

Celtic have along history of music support and this book captures this with great interviews with many rock n rollers who have a soft spot for the club.

There’s some great quotes from people like Johnny Marr and Phil Chevron talking about the punk rock fanzines and the football fanzines that were put together in the 1970s were being done by the same kind of people, they were part of the same social world and the same ideas were floating around. Bobby Gillespie gets really emotional in a good way during the interview about Celtic in a way that if he had been talking about the band it would have been different, from the interview you get the feeling Jock Stein was as an important influence on him as Johnny Rotten. It’s the same with Stephen Pastel talking about Kenny Dalglish in the Jungle days, there was also some really good stuff from Richard Jobson going back to the Skids days.

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