Robert Newman’ top 10 favourite albums : number 9 : Gorgeous George – Edwyn Collins (1994. Setanta Records)

He is just on a roll on this album, one brilliant song after another. The opening song The Campaign For Real Rock is an attack on the Smashing Pumpkins., but it could be so many bands. And so many festivals; Glastonbury for examples has become the great unsustainability festival an homage to disposable culture: chemical toilets not compost loos. It’s as if Michael Eavis got Jeremy Clarkson on the board. Let’s helicopter the acts the short distance from their hotel to backstage. Let’s build high streets with a phone mast and a cash-point machines. Let’s leave tens of thousands of tent’s behind for landfill, along with all the plastic cups. Let’s show people that life doesn’t have to be different – it can be exactly the same but in flip flops!

Robert Newman’s top 10 favourite albums – number 10 is here


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