Robert King (former singer from the Scars and now solo) favourite top 10 albums

2. Clancy Eccles – Freedom

Born in Jamaica, Clancy Eccles was a cult ska and reggae singer, songwriter, arranger, promoter, record producer and talent scout with a political edge. His house band was known as The Dynamites.

Rob : ‘As a child, Woolworth’s had a 50p album rack. It was my tenth birthday and I was with my Dad, who was shopping for fishing tackle (I hate all sort of thing), so he gave me 50p. Clancy Eccles’ album had a sleeve to die for. I bought it and as luck would have it, the music was the bomb. Gave that LP to a person who worked for Rocking Russian and hosted Nico and I at his ‘house’ for a week or so.’

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