Rob Zombie: Mondo Sex Head (Remixes) – album review

Rob Zombie: Mondo Sex Head (Remixes) (Geffen): CD/DL
Out: NOW

Rob Zombie follows up his 1999 remix album ”ËœAmerican Made Music to Strip By’ (Which also featured a scantily clad Sheri Moon Zombie on the cover) with another collection of electronic interpretations of his tracks.

In 2012 – Rob Zombie released Hellbilly Deluxe 2, which was a brilliant return to form after the mixed offering that was 2006’s ”ËœEducated Horses’ (God, what an awful title).

This time, he has yet another star studded mix of artists and producers adding to the proceedings, including Jonathan Davis, Photek, Big Black Delta and Ki:Theory. Oh, and some guy called Skrillex who seems to be dividing opinion quicker than a Lars Von Trier movie covered in Marmite.

The outcome is, pretty much, as one would expect from a Rob Zombie Remix album released in 2012. There are a lot of expensive sounding Dubstep interpretations placed alongside what Hollywood movies consider to be techno. There’s some nice industrial reworkings, but we’re not exactly talking ”ËœFurther down the Spiral’ here.

What is most surprising about ”ËœMondo Sex Head’ is that it’s rather bloody good, despite what preconceptions or basic common sense may suggest. Once you take it that this is not an album designed for aficionados of the electronic genre, but more for fans of Zombie’s unique brand of Industrial-lite, then it allows you to appreciate it for what it is.

Remix albums are always going to be a strange affair, case in point is the ”Ëœtechno’ version of Thunder Kiss ’65, which is one of the best White Zombie songs that the band ever did. The fact that it had such a distinctive and memorable riff seems to make a remix of it (in which said riff is removed completely) slightly pointless.

I did enjoy ”ËœMondo Sex Head’ and it certainly gets some excitement going in the run up to Rob Zombie’s upcoming UK tour (with Marilyn Manson), but if I’m really honest, it’s his next movie that I’m REALLY waiting for.

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Tour dates, all November:
26 London, UK
27 Manchester, UK
28 Glasgow SECC, UK
29 Birmingham, UK

All words by Colin McCracken. You can read more from Colin on LTW here, or on his website here or follow him on Twitter.

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