RIP Wurzel, ex Motorhead guitarist

Wurzel, who played guitar for Motorhead for many years has died.

Born in 1949, his real name was Michael Burston, getting his distinctive nickname, Wurzel, in the army due to his scarecrow like appearance.

He had been a corporal in the Army, serving in Germany and Ireland with the 1st Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment, before playing in the bands Bastard and Warfare. He went for an audition for Motorhead along with another unknown Phil Campbell and joined the iconic band making his debut on a 1984 edition of the Young Ones comedy show and was a key member of one of the finest british rock bands ever till he left in 1995.

He had been working on his band before the news that he had died of ventricular fibrillation, caused by cardiomyopathy.


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  1. Very sad to hear that. He playing guitar on Motorhead “Killed by Death” which was one of my favourite track. Great lead solo by him on it.

  2. Will miss wurzel walking past work almost daily. Just one of the people and not wanting to stick out in the crowd. R.I.P mate

  3. Been a Motorhead fan right since Ace of Spades, started playing guitar a few years ago and very proud to say my first proper jam was with Wurzel.

    RIP my friend.

  4. I’m a lifelong motorhead fan and I’m sad to hear about the death of wurzel he will be missed

    R.I.P. Wurzel

  5. very sad, i remember seeing wurzel many times at hammersmith with motorhead. R I P wurzel, keep rocking where ever you ve gone

  6. So very sad, Wurzel will be missed. I hope that Leader Of Down will carry on in his honour.

  7. Very nice lad and would come down to Wincanton Somerset but the bugger still owe me a fiver, R I P.

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