Mark B

Mark B

UK hip hop producer and artist Mark B has died, according to reports online.

Although less active recently Mark B produced instrumental tracks through the ’90s and early ’00s and his coloration with Blade on 2001’s The Unknown is considered a benchmark for UK hip hop.

His death appears to have been confirmed by other artists including DJ Food who tweeted, “RIP Mark B – Very sad news, did a bunch of covers for him in the 90s, always humble, even when KRS 1 freestyled over his beats on 279’s show.”

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  1. This is shocking news. I knew him in the 90’s and he always treated me like a brother even though I was a complete dick in those days. RIP Mark. God bless you bro.

  2. Late I know, but just found out of the death of Mark B. I’m totally shocked. Although I worked in the music business during the 90’s I only got to know Mark because he was my next door neighbour! He had a small studio upstairs and the sound of drum beats and samples was a constant background soundtrack. We would always stop to chat and catch up and I remember him proudly giving me The Unknown album when he got finished copy. We shook hands and embraced when he left London (for north Wales I think), promising to keep in touch which we never did. I can’t say that we were close but as a musician myself we had a common bond and he was always a real gentleman. So so sad to hear of his demise and my sympathies go out to all his family and friends. The wonderful thing about music is despite what happens to us, it lives on forever. RIP my friend.


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