Ringo Deathstarr 'Mauve' – album review

Ringo Deathstarr – Mauve (Club AC30 Records)
Out 24th September

The Texan trio Ringo Deathstarr were both derailed and energised by their recent tour with The Smashing Pumpkins last year, but now they’re ready to release their sophomore album. Katie Clare left her recent interview with the band’s guitarist and vocalist Elliot Frazer cradling said album, ‘Mauve’, and here she reviews it for us just a few days away from it’s UK release.

The album opens with the single that has preceded the release of ‘Mauve’ ”“ ‘Rip’ (see below). It is a nice jump into familiarity as it starts with grinding, dirty guitars which soon burst like a shaken snow-globe of pastel sparkles as fuzzy feedback takes up residence, & Alex Gehring sweetly imparts her lyrical discourse until wind-chimes halt the pounding and play out a discordant melody.

‘Burn’ takes the wistful ending of ‘Rip’, stomping on it with a speedier, harsher pounding and ‘Drain’ keeps that physicality up as it moves in waves as Alex’s vocals and Daniel Coborn’s drums compete for center stage. Elliot takes vocal duty on ‘Slack’ a punchy, melodic track saturated with heavy guitar pop “Do you feel what I feel inside? Do you feel what I feel tonight?” he demands.

The dreamlike “Brightest Star’ and ‘Drag’ beautifully undulates, floating then falling, you can hear echo’s of setimentality, but before it reaches saccharine levels of schmaltz a raucous guitar fights through it’s restraints to be briefly heard, playing with yearning harmonies that slides in and out of imploring statements “Don’t make me say the things I don’t want to say”. They appear deceptively simple, yet mask levels of complexity in both emotion and sound.

The album remains on a steady path, the tracks are often brief, highlighting the sublime beauty of impetuosity ”“ tracks like ‘Do You Wanna’, ‘Please Don’t Kill Yourself’, ‘Waste’, ‘Nap Time’ and ‘Girls We Know’ wont do much to shake the inevitable comparisons made of Ringo Deathstarr over the past few years. Sugar coated melancholy, infused with fuzzy feedback and punk rock, the tracks are all tasty treats, ardent yet affable. It is an addictive album and repetitive plays offer up further depths and illuminations which bodes well for a long shelf life.

Ringo Deathstarr 'Mauve' – album review

Despite the fact that ‘Mauve’ is a coherent album all the tracks stand up well on their own: mostly amped up bursts, with the occasional syrupy softness. The general ephemeral feel of the album makes you frightful that the next track may be the last; just 4 of the 13 tracks are over three minutes long for instance, however the pay off is that it is an album saturated with a vivacity, one that is engaging, and infectious. ‘Mauve’ may well taste like honey but it’s laced with glittered pop rocks and shots of espresso.

Ringo Deathstarr ‘Mauve’ is released September 24th through AC30 Records. They will tour the tour in November, dates soon to be announced, however tickets for their London Dingwalls show on November 7th with The Fauns and Dead Wolf Club can be purchased now via this link and a Bristol date has also also just been confirmed at The Louisiana with Howling Owl recording stars Spectres &, again, Invada’s The Fauns.

All words & photo’s by Katie Clare. More Louder Than War articles by Katie can be found here.

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