We are hearing on the rumour mill that one of Creation’s greatest bands Ride are to reform


There are no more details yet but we will add information as we find it out…

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  1. Right, so, here’s what’s going on.

    Someone finds an old, refuted story about Ride reforming that Uncut ran in 2007 and tweets it. The article is not dated, but it mentions Hurricane #1 and Oasis, and not Beady Eye, which should be a big big clue that it’s an old one. Moreover, it says that they’re going to play a festival for which one quick google will tell you is on different dates next year. That same quick google would also tell you that the original article was refuted by their management when it ran back in 2007.

    But no one bothers to check anything for validity, because we all want to be the first to report the news story, sod whether it’s erroneous or not.

    At least Clash ran the story with the source so you could see very easily – as indeed, they should’ve – that it was old and rubbish. This doesn’t do that. This tries to make out that that there’s some kind of insiders tip off going on when there isn’t. It’s lazy AND disingenuous.

    Can we please, just for a moment, stop worrying about the speed of getting in on the news, stop trying to do a big fat ‘FIRST!’ and do some fact checking. If you’re reporting news, that’s your job. Quote your source. Have a source. It’s not hard – it’s basic journalistic good practise.


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