Mark Corrin, who is based in Manchester, has recently written and recorded a new track called ‘Holographic Love’ with Greek electropop legend Ria Mazini. Ria is a singer, musician, songwriter and lyricist amongst her other artistic activities. She lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece and she is well known for being the former singer of the Greek electro band MIKRO. Her unique voice combined with imaginative lyrics and her explosive stage performances have left their marks on the music scene – and ‘Holographic Love’ is no exception.

The track opens with upfront, eager lyrics ‘Be with me tonight/on another flight’ immediately plunging the listener into themes of travel, technology and a sensual aspect of other-worldliness, well served by electronica. Ria’s confident vocals curl round the highest notes with ease and are suited for conveying this mood, carried further by spacey synths and pulses.

‘Desire in the digital age’

It seems to speak of desire in the digital age; a highly relevant topic which could be considered under-addressed. Ria Mazini and Mark Corrin change that, thanks to this co-written track and a number of remixes. Mazini has already worked with prominent musicians in Greece including ambient artist Miktek, though her collaboration with Corrin shows her talent to work with sounds closer to power pop.

 The new ‘Briam Mix’ from Mark Corrin takes this up a further level too and the new digital release also contains 2 inventive remixes from Lucifer X (Valentine Records) and AnalogueTrash artist Vieon; highlighting how this is clearly a track of capabilities and many potential journeys for the listener – just jump in.

‘A properly danceable mix’

You can hear for yourself how Holographic love is inspired by technology, virtual reality, 3D games and movies – and as both artists combine their extensive travels and experiential mediums, you are in for a treat. Collaboration with Corrin features fantastical vocals, great use of echoes, lasers and catchy electronic pulses for a properly danceable mix.

 Sci-fi zaps and echoey, deliciously tinny claps come next – and it’s like being inside a seductive video game, especially as the lyrics grow in their intensity to the refrain ‘fire me up like a laser beam/but I can never turn you off’. The use of upbeat electronica prevents this from sounding melodramatic; it is more like the expression of passion and energies; something Mazini manages to balance well whilst maintaining a dance element.

‘Tide of emotions and imagery’

The track doesn’t shy away from an emotive quality, after all. A reflective middle section opens with even higher vocals and half-rhyme working up a final full rhyme ‘bright lights are flashing through my mind/electric colours flashing through my sight’ – gears up ‘holographic light’ in what you can probably tell is a tide of emotions and imagery.

It reminds me a little of descriptions of the condition Synesthesia– where the senses all come together in an overpowering rush, opening up secondary channels of sensation; and perhaps this is intended to express the force of love described.

It is indeed not just any old love but ‘holographic love’ and following such rising electronic intensity, it seems fitting that the track closes with the repeated sensual cry of ‘you are my holographic love’. This is a digital, danceable desire. Get on it.

For more news on this unique single collaboration: https://www.valentinerecords.co.uk/mark-corrin-ria-mazini-holographic-love/

 Soundcloud link to the song:


And here is the music video:


All words by Emily Oldfield, who you can find on Twitter as @EmilyvOldfield and visit her website.

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