Just a few weeks ago on October 4th, thousands of people took to the streets of Manchester to protest at David Cameron’s policies of cuts and austerity. In a show of strength and feeling by the real “Big Society” the message was loud and clear – banners, placards, speeches, newspapers, posters, badges, stickers, balloons, flyers, chants and leaflets all said what needed to be said.

Then there was the music – the music of protest and revolution which is rich in history and variety and powerful in delivering the message. The music that, over the years, has harnessed anger of the youth, the disaffected, the downtrodden, the oppressed, the minority and these days, the majority who did not vote Tory and did not vote for their policies.

My DJ desk was in pole position to watch the oncoming crowds as they marched towards and past the main TUC stage, listening to the array of Trade Union speakers, enjoying the live set from working class hero Billy Bragg and the DJ playlist that I’d carefully considered. There were so many tracks to choose from and so many I could’ve played – but here’s my Top Ten Protest Pop and Revolution Rock songs, as played in Manchester:

1. Newtown Neurotics – Kick Out The Tories:
Rousing and anthemic, this track is what it is and does what it says on the tin. No nonsense from 1981/82, just a couple of years after Thatcher became PM. Any opportunity on any occasion, I’ll play this stormer!
“Lets kick out the Tories
The rulers of this land
For they are the enemies
Of the British working man…”

For number 2 in the top 10 protest songs please go here

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