Goldblade – We’re All In It Together:

Possibly one of the best known slogans in these modern times of austerity and cuts, George Osborne’s words have never come back to haunt him quite in the way that John Robb has ensured with this slab of pure punk rock protest. “Rich are getting richer The poor are getting stuffed!” On another day, I’d probably play some different tracks – perhaps there’d be room for

Free Nelson Mandela by Special AKA, Killing in the Name Of by Rage Against The Machine, No Government by Anti-Pasti, Decontrol by Discharge, White Riot by The Clash, Stand Strong Together by Louise Distras…the list is endless which probably demonstrates how no matter who’s in power, who’s making the decisions and who’s calling the shots, there’s always room – no, a need – for protest pop and revolution rock!

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