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Mike Bennett’s re-imagining of Edgar Allen Poe in ‘Poezest’ is a joyfully transgressive and rib crackingly amusing affair. Available now via Amazon Books, written by Mike Bennett with deliriously recherchez pictures by Steve Bowden. Talking Book And Paperback.
Poe is channeled through Bennett’s devious creative mind, fashioning a ribald, rascally and irreverent alternate Poe Universe in which outlandishly large noses (nudge nudge missis), chemical dependency, earthy human frailities and louche lunacy are ciphers for a wickedly keen satirical sensibility.
 Delivered with a wonderfully fruity plum in the mouth and a wan wink in the jaundiced eye, Bennett masters a beautiful array of character voices, enthusiastically portrayed with a galloping gusto that could see him well set as a replacement for Brian Blessed on one of those tres amusant talking heads shows all about how shit Christmas is. We live in hope.
Bennett proclaims and projects with a phlegmy and farcical joie de vivre, whilst Gothic strings (beautifully rendered by Guy Cavall) and acidic sonic FX wrap you up in a very engaging 40 plus minutes of warped joy. Yes, this is truly the Perfect Christmas gift. Paperback, or download, but it has to be the audio if you want the full force of the Mike Bennett experience. The Premature Burial, The Black Cat, The Raven and many other Edgar Allen Poe originals are homaged, debugged and deconstructed and made anew. Beautifully written and voiced literary fevers from Bennett’s very own odious underworld.
This man has written for the likes of Rik Mayall, The Muppets, Frankie Howard and Ed The Duck(?!) in the past, but judging from this performance he has been hiding his comedic light under something of a scribe’s bushell. In fact Mike is a man of many parts, not all of them outlandishly engorged probosci.
When he’s not writing or performing you may find Mike Bennett producing records for an exciting array of similarly leftfield, renegade rock and roll types from Kim Fowley to The Fall to Ian Brown and Toyah. Presumably, there are rich pickings in the wayward world of popular music for source material in dialogue and the printed word. Or indeed the theatre…..
The light will be well and truly removed from the bushell when Mike Bennett opens his one-man show of ‘Poezest’ at the Bloomsbury Theatre London opening March 2018. I for one shall be venturing forth from my higgledy-piggledy haven on Honeycomb Hill to witness this rare treat.


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  1. Audio book sounds brilliantly gothic and very much keeping it Poe. Great writing and performance by Mike Bennett and also well orchestrated music from Guy Cavill. Can’t wait for the show at Bloomsbury Theatre

  2. I’ve heard the audio book and I’ve seen the trailer. A great adaptation of a brilliant writer. Mike Bennett’s script sparkles but takes great liberties with Poe. The Raven character for instance morphs into “Tell-tale heart” but rather superbly I might say. Can’t wait to see this at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Not enough Poe about in the West End. It’s about time!

  3. Ha brilliant just down loaded it. Dark and mad. Mike Bennetts narration is booming and crazy. Would love to catch the show

  4. This is a man of limitless talents & a conduit of successful projects this rendition deservedly to be added to the list see you at the Bloomsbury Theatre …it’s a date !

  5. I saw my Mike Bennett performing at the arts theatre in the west end in rough for theatre 1 and 2, considering both artists come from the music industry it was a magnificent experience. as this also has music in it its right up my street! i downloaded the audio book and it scared my kids to death! bloomsbury theatre seems perfect as its not run of the mill west end. can’t wait. love Poe.

  6. Incredible performance by Mike Bennett, his delivery of all this different character voices is spot and the music really fits the storyline perfectly.
    Definitely gonna check out the forthcoming Bloomsbury Theatre performances…

  7. The audio book is sick. Bit funny. Like monty python meets hammer horror. Very well performed and has a great spin on the Black Cat. Bloodbury is s great venue for this. The raven is so different from the poem but great fun. Nonica

  8. Great stuff. The raven is a great twist mike Bennett’s a creepy narrator. Bloomsbury will Rock. Love the British angle. Gothic but also hammer horror. Funny

  9. Incredibly entertaining, the narrative by Mike Bennett was excellent! He brilliantly put you into the mindset of each of the characters. The music, sound effects, the narrative and yes even the humor all worked well together.

  10. This is clever and a bit revolutionary re working of a master. Bennettt wrote the American Gothic ideology. A contemporary and witty reworking of a cultural icon. WIt and an intelligent re offering.

  11. I love the narrative . It’s almost like a b movie spoof . Makes the Rocky horror show look like a panto. Don’t mind the classical music in the background in fact I quite like some of it but could do with some originality in the way it’s been formatted . Purely subjective though because my lady really likes it . Well she knows her classical music so gets the references even more than me Especially when they get that heart from underneath the floorboards . I never knew the work Poe before. Now I’m a fan and I’ve bought a book of his short stories

  12. This sounds fun. I always liked Poe. This seems like a league of gentlemen style version There is clearly mentally challenged I want saw him on the dreadful on Saturday morning program called swap shop This is certainly an improvement I would’ve liked to have heard a piece from some of the lesser Poe shorts What it does bring a smile to my face I love the bit where he is being rude when Queen Victoria Clearly bennett has made this up as Poe roads America and work with American references. It works though may Get the kindle

  13. Poe rocks on this talking book. I’m hearing dr and medics are in the west end Bloomsbury. The doctor wrote bits of grimly fiendish by the damned saw him in the remake if the howling. Hilarious actor

  14. I always liked the work of Poe. This version is very exaggerated and swerved from the subject matter into Almost biographical Bits of it are clearly just made up for Mike Bennett own purposes I got the kindle and love to Steve Boweden as gothic artist. One of the highlights actually of this package The score is weird and has classical threads. I like that, it would be so easy to put like a punk thing. Bennett sketchy background . A very good team How it will transform into a play who knows? Looks cheap enough for me to take a gamble . Poe is a challenge for these people . So far so good but let’s say I think they have their work cut out for themselves

  15. Raven is not the Poe Raven. Black cat is dry. That’s the one. That one with the Queen is anti monachy. Poe was USA so strange. He spent time here and it’s fun it’s a crack. May go.

  16. When I was working with elbow I came across mike bennett He had been doing some stuff with creation which was like a jungle But somehow had acid house and deep purple Influences I’ve heard this and all the orchestrations of Emerson Lake and Palmer are right no i’ve heard this and all the orchestrations of Emerson Lake and Palmer are right here. I know he did not do the music but the mismatch of genres are obviously When in his remit. Nice

  17. I heard about bennetts stuff Joti mentions. A b movie thing with lush strings. The audio is good. It would be good to hear doctor and the medics singer do his version. Heard Matt berry was doing in west end. This is better. He is s good actor Clive Jackson. I’m there. He introduced the fanned at royal Albert hall he’s s good narrator

  18. Ha ha talking book is a gem. Bennetts voice us very versatile. I saw the Bloomsbury site and Dee dr and the medics are in it. They are good live and u saw clive Jackson in Little shop of horrors And Route 66. And he was good. He was good This could be a bit of a good night out. They should’ve put it on Halloween Matt Berry would have been ok but this is a good bit of casting. Hope the girls still look cute

  19. Dark Gothic Filth about posies, roses and noses in the spirit of Poe. No hint of Berners in this little burner. Customary clever writing and performance by punmeister Mike Bennett. Like a darker, more warped Viv Stanshall, with a similar neo-Shakespearean command of the language, it’s not to be missed. Classical inspired soundtrack really sets this one-man multi-voiced show off.

    I’ll be there lurking in the shadows of the Bloomsbury Theatre in March, surrounded by an eggy cloud of sweet-smelling green steam.

  20. Wow I love this it’s totally awesome. I like the way the Raven is the doctor in the asylum Very clever juxtaposition

    I’m glad doctor and the medics are on this I’ve always been a huge fan

    Go Clive


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