Revenge of the Psychotronic Man: Shattered Dreams ParkwayRevenge of the Psychotronic Man – Shattered Dreams Parkway (TNS Records)
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Boasting fifteen songs in less than twenty minutes Revenge of the Psychotronic Man deliver their punk hard and fast. Leanne Durr reviews the album.

The recorded sound of Revenge of the Psychotronic Man effortlessly captures the insanely contagious energy that defines their live sets.

Incorporating the essence of punk the band’s lyrics touch on society, politics, social media and sheer hedonistic fun; this makes for an interesting mix of subject matter from each track.

Revenge Of’s… sound is unrelenting, so it is a bonus that the album’s inlay provides the song lyrics with a quote at the end to reiterate the point made. Quotes range from Frank Sinatra right through to Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein.

Another bonus is the accompanying (limited) fanzine as it gives an insight into Revenge Of… and is eloquently written; guitarist Matt Woods’ ‘The Truth About Me And The Sea’ is an impressive Bukowski-esque ode, or rather threat, to the sea.

Tracks Beer For Breakfast and Clint Eastwood, The Man With No Name bring a lighter lyrical tone to the album. Whereas songs such as Is This Cool? questions the inane nature of social media. Meanwhile, Another Way brings a plea to the dissatisfied to make a change. However, we are still left with the all consuming question that: if one chooses to oppose the current economic system then what is the alternative? Another Way throws up possible alternatives of collectives and communities. Ultimately, the album is thought provoking, forward thinking and doused with intensity.

It’s hardcore punk but the ethos of this band is punk at its purest; Revenge Of… co-run TNS records – fully embodying the spirit of punk’s D.I.Y ethic. They also possess the ability to write songs with a social and political conscience as well as ones that encompass the exuberant nature of getting drunk and having a laugh. The band manages to breach important subjects without being self-important, which prevents them from coming across in an over-bearing or preachy way.

Revenge Of… are like the John Fante or Charles Bukowski of punk; they are accessible to everyman. There is no pretension; they are simply intellectually challenging and emotive in the most straightforward of ways. Merge this with punk music that is hard and fast enough to make your ears bleed and you’re left with quite an incredible album.

You can buy the album from Bandcamp or from their label’s website.

The band’s website is here. They are also on Facebook here.

All words by Leanne Durr. You can read more from Leanne here.

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  1. Glad to hear Revenge of the Psychotronic Man are still rocking and have persevered where others, including my own band, failed. I was trying to play punk gigs in Manchester 5 years ago when these guys got going, and most of the clubs were really anti-punk, instead forcing everyone to suffer the appallingly twee indie folk scene that was clearly not going to achieve anything, but all the yuppie posers loved it, or crap MOR dance music. I hope the success of Psychotronic Man will be a big kick in the balls to all those pricks who didn’t give them the time of day back then. Manchester music has been a tawdry embarrassment for so long, I hope that this is the dawn of an exciting new age. Keep up the good work!

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