Resistance 77 — ‘No Escape’

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Resistance 77 are a street punk band from Notts who have honed the form down to a perfect fiery concoction of frustration, anger and energy with the kind of great yob choruses that have made Cock Sparrer kings of the current scene but with an added melodic touch that makes them really stand out.

They have been around a good few years with various line ups but have made good use of the time learning how to make their records sound huge with a great production and a crafted approach to their songwriting that sees the buzzsaw guitar wall of sound twist and turn with an intelligence and some great song writing touches without ever letting go of the excitement.

Street punk is a very over populated genre with a countless stream of bands but the band, formed in 1979, have stepped up and the album is a great example of the potent power of this music that somehow manages to sound fresh and bursting with life that proves that there is plenty of life left in the punk rock beast.

There are so many stand out tracks it’s hard to pull one out but the anti war Drop The Bomb has all the urgency of the early Clash with it’s great backing vocals and the manic buzzsaw pop thrill of Generation X and the potent power of the great early British punk 7 inch singles and remembers that the pure pop thrill of the great early punk rock wars was such a key part to the equation.

With end to end great tunes and a really sharp and great sound this is easily one of the best punk rock albums released in the past few years and deserves to see the band break out of their cult status.

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  1. They had more than tenuous lnks with the boneheads back in the mid-80s – playing with some detinite/definitive fascists, and playing ‘songs’ such as Communist C*nt during that era. (A cretinous attack o Swells and the SWP). So, have they wised up? They were UKIPpers a couple of years back – I suspect they are still flag-waving ‘true patriots’ not adverse to a bit of fence-sitting for any life. The music? Crap fifth-rate UK82 ramalama that Wattie thinks lacks subtlety and lyrical dexterity

    • Hello Paperback Rioter (I’m having a wild guess that’s not your real name!)
      Thank you for reading Mr Robbs’ review (if you did) and for your ‘review’ albeit misinformed, however that’s your opinion and thanks to the right of free speech anyone can say anything (sort of).
      The great thing about music of all genres is that it is subjective and whilst ours is not to your taste (if indeed you have listened to it) our music has been to many others.
      ‘Tenuous links with boneheads’ maybe we have been guilty of naivety in the past however we have also had ‘tenuous links’ with Flux of Pink Indians, Rudimentary Peni, Exploited and similar type bands and also many others we have shared stages with over our 36 years and I don’t think you will find anyone who having MET us or who actually KNOWS us have a problem with us whether at home or abroad.
      As you obviously don’t know us personally it is difficult for you to comment with any facts really however if you would like to e mail me, (not hiding behind a pseudonym as I like to interact with people not ‘invisibles’) I would be pleased to have a chat.
      We cannot control mud slinging from the so called ‘keyboard warriors’ and yes we do keep ourselves to ourselves but as for ‘Fencesitters’, we haven’t given planning permission for any fence!
      Look forward to hearing from you
      Kieron 77
      Punk rock – It’s all about the music maaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  2. I just thought I would have a gander around the excellent LTW and wandered on to our excellent album review. Just to update everyone that the very brave ‘shit thrower and run off’ Mr Paperback Rioter hasn’t had the courtesy of responding/getting in touch but no surprise there. If he does he is very welcome at our ‘Night before St George’s Day’ gig in Ripley Derbyshire on Friday 22nd April 2016, I’ll even send him a couple of free tickets! I don’t think I’ll hear anything do you? Then again who the fcuk is he anyway?


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