Bloc festival cancelled
Bloc festival cancelled

Reports are coming in of trouble at London’s Bloc Festival

Full report on what happened here from our man at the festival…

Reports are coming in of trouble at London’s Bloc Festival.

In the unlikely setting of an electronic music festival the situation seems to be confused at the moment but seems to be talk of police kettling the crowd in, disturnces and some argy bargy…we are trying to hold of our man on the site get a clearer picture…

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  1. Not true. Police were most helpful considering the circumstances and were not present in great numbers, indeed at times I would have liked to have seen more of them as things only seemed to become safe when they showed up. On-site security and marshalling at the site was disorganised from the outset, despite the best efforts of clearly part-time inexperienced staff who outnumbered their more experienced managers by a wide margin.


    Too many tickets were sold.

    More people ploughed in once gate security gave up and stopped checking the tickets of those entering the site (somewhat unlikely due to the remoteness of the venue)

    The venue itself could not handle the capacity it said it could, either as a whole, or in certain areas – parts of the pleasure gardens are rather narrow in places.

    I have no idea of the answer but would be interested to find out. Inside the main tent awaiting Snopp Dogg, who didn’t appear, didn’t feel crowded, but the bars were way too busy.

    Anyway, there’s the facts – sorry we didn’t all get a good night, and I suspect there are plenty of people stuck out by City Airport right now until the trains start again in 3 hours.

  2. Ha, poop dogg. “That’s the fact”. I’m sorry were you working their and did you have the inside knowledge, no you didn’t, you’ve just been fed little snippets on twitter and come to your unfounded conclusion.
    The tickets were duplicated and the scanners packed up. As security at the venue we were told by police to let people in without proper checks to ease the qeues to stop a crush situation occurring.
    The venue can hold the maximum capacity of 25,000. The maximum arena capacity inside the venue is closer to 15,000 but last night we had 35,000+ through the gates as the majority were using fake e-tickets.
    The cock up wouldn’t have occurred if:
    1: bloc issued real tickets
    2: people weren’t dishonest


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