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Rendacium is a young three-piece from the East Midlands who formed three years ago. Nigel Carr reviews their first single for Louder Than War.

Brad Dawn (guitar), Thomas gaunt (bass) and drummer Louise Dawson play a mash-up of glam meets punk in a thrilling concoction of high energy pop, packed with powerful hooks and melodies, missing in so many of today’s breakthrough bands.

Legendary Manchester-based producer Mike Bennett, who we interviewed a couple of weeks ago here, has produced a series of high-quality tracks including the band’s first single Breakout, and glam covers: The Mixtures’ The Pushbike Song and The Sweet’s Teenage Rampage.

Breakout opens with a huge glam-crunching riff before accelerating away like a pack of wild glitter clad horses. It arches, twists and turns before settling into a thrilling glam-cum-punk groove. It’s an absolutely cracking track and I can’t wait to hear more originals from the band.

Since recording Breakout the band has been working on a number of high profile covers.  According to Manager Deborah Allen, The Pushbike Song is inspired by Boris Johnson encouraging everyone to get on their bikes! “A slice of neo-punk for the fast-food generation”.

“The band is engineered by Angus Wallace who drummed on Fat of the Land by Prodigy, and like Rendacium, avoids convenient categorisation whilst drawing influences from hardcore glam influence glam and garage bands like MC5, Stooges”.

With so much talent at such a young age (they are just 14/16) Rendacium has a very bright future indeed. Following the ending of lockdown I will be rooting them out to see live – and so should you! I will be playing Breakout on my Radio Alty show on Wednesday which starts at 9 pm.

Rendacium is on Twitter Facebook and their own Website.

Article by Nigel Carr. More writing by Nigel on Louder Than War can be found in his Author’s archive. You can find Nigel on Twitter and Facebook and his own Website.

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Nigel is Interviews & Features Editor at Louder Than War, freelance writer and reviewer. He has a huge passion for live music and is a strong supporter of the Manchester music scene. With a career in eCommerce, Nigel is a Digital Marketing consultant and runs his own agency, Carousel Projects specialising in SEO and PPC. He is also co-owner and Editor at M56 Media/Hale & Altrincham Life, and a Presenter on Radio Alty.


  1. I can’t believe this is the Pushbike Song from The Mixtures, really well done and the bass player, Thomas Gaunt, reminds me of the bass player from Shattered Faith and The Misfits. Awesome playing, whacky version, it works. Great to see a three piece combo again! Hurrah!

  2. ‘Push Bike Song’ guys you Brilliant video with iconic imagery and so does the girl ‘at the other side of town ’till the sun goes down’ well done guys you put a smile on my face. Rendacium you have made the original shuffle version sounds like the Skids.

  3. I’ve already received my copy of “THE PUSHBIKE SONG FROM” the PR Management Company.

  4. Greta Polyfest Promoter
    Hi love the Pushbike Song here, I can confirm that Teenage Rampage ft Steve Etherington is being mixed and finalised as we speak for Steve Priest’s memorial page on request. Three studios on the go as we speak, luckily America are 8hours behind! Let’s hope the lads can get on their pushbikes in time!

    • The top tune here is The Pushbike song, boith Mungo Jerry and The Mixtures (utter shite) done rag time version of this, but this reminds me of the high energy period of Eddie and the Hot Rods, I saw this band in the Glam article , Louder than war but this Pushbike song is so current it needs to be out now,I know their manager Debbie Allen ( an amzing woman) through Polyfest as she is part of the team with myself & obviously John Robb & Laura Beth ,comperes, & I think this band should be on the bill. How the fuck Mike Bennett has turned it into post punk is beyond me….The guy is a shape shifter.

  5. I listened to ‘Breakout’ after reading an article about this band and instantly loved the energy they project ….reminiscent of a poppier version of the Stooges. This version of ‘The Pushbike Song’ really is something else and takes them to another level …absolutely love what they have done to this song and it’s topical subject makes it all the more magical.
    I’ve just heard on the radio they are paying tribute to the late ,great Steve Priest from The Sweet with their version of Teenage Rampage with the great Steve Etherington …if it’s anything like this track , it will be amazing ! Love the video too…so different….great job all round. Love it !

    • Totally agreed Lucy, how the fuck could the turn such a naff number around. Whoever made the video has smashed it. Id love to do a remix of this! Love 3 piece bands too.

  6. Both tracks are a trip out. I didn’t know the pushbike song so I looked it up and it was as cheesy as cheese gets. Im gonna review this myself when I get the go ahead from the bands management. I noticed you put them on the glam article wit Mike Bennett and I get that but there is defo punk all over it and rhythm section is amazing; tight as fuck. What a noise!

  7. I saw this band live in Derby Im sure, both songs are great. Im a big punk fan and Push Bike Song reminds me of Venus And The Razor Blades meets Greenday. What makes it for me is the video. Great lead vocals and the rhythm section is kept tight short and leaves you wanting more just like punk should be. Also the Buzzcocks spring to mind. Where can I get this record?

  8. Both of these songs are edgy and mix elements of Orange County Punk/ Glam and English new wave. Breakout has elements of Slaughter And The Dogs (Manchesters finest) and London Spizzenergi. Pushbike song is so relevant right now and Ive looked the band up on youtube. Really good but far too many Greenday covers. Apart from that all good!

  9. pushbike song is bang on topical…can someone put me in touch with this band, both tracks are really original and it’s punk with a modern twist. Reminds me of The Radio Stars check out the track Dirty Pictures. I read Nigel Carr s Glam article and the irony is that Radio Stars used to be John’s Children who somehow morphed into T-Rex. There is my own Glam fact Ha ha

  10. Through my Who associated compere work I helped get this band’s punk version of Teenage Rampage on the official Sweet site and part of the commemorative event for the recently deceased Steve Priest. I know the band’s amazing manager Deborah Allen who seems to have got some incredible artists onboard including collaborators and members of Suede, ex Sweet BC, the Vibrators and The Fall. I am sharing snippets with some VIPS and heard them on Nigel Carr’s amazing radio show and they seem to bridge the gap between thrashy new wave and new glam. They seem to be smashing it and I want to see them live on the Polyfest bill. IN FACT I INSIST

  11. Bob Sleat Wishbone Ash, Royal and Zweet BC.
    Rest in peace legend Steve Priest as I have heard this band’s version of Teenage Rampage and I have played with Sweet BC, and it’s a very difficult track to play.
    I love the track Breakout. That was on the Glam rock article by Nigel Carr and I made a comment on a separate post. Always loved a three piece band. They are in good hands with Mike Bennett as he produced me on many projects before. Always expect the unexpected ha ha ha ha

  12. Gaz Scott
    I’m loving this track Breakout, it reminds me of the American prepunk band The Dictators and a little bit like The Offspring. The Pushbike Song is cool as fuck and the video is amazing, would ljje to kniw more about this band so I’m going to get on Google

  13. I heard this band on KXLU FM California and saw them on Nigel Carr’s Glamnezia article, Breakout is cool. I also saw their clip of Teenage Rampage on YouTube Rest In Glamrock Peace Steve Priest! I’m gunna spin them on my own show they are bringing Punk back in a new way. Nuff said!!!

  14. What a band! What a great idea to do the Pushbike Song, with the current NHS directive I gather Jay Stapley is on the album, I loved his work on Radio Kaos. Breakout is a banging tune reminds me if The Stooges meet Ronson/Bowie period.

  15. I’m from California and I love this. Love Push Bike Song. Very British Glam and California punk. It’s nice to see a 3 piece band, they are super talented! Can’t wait to hear more!

  16. The psych-punk scene in New Zealand is for sure trending, the songs I particularly like are from bands like Rendacium. The pushbike song is so catchy and just stays in your head. One of my new favourite songs at the moment has to be Golden Gaze by Ian Brown, co-written by producer Mike Bennet. Also enjoyed the other songs from The Stone Roses which Ian Brown was lead singer. I wish they would make new songs with the same sort of sound as Golden Gaze. I am absolutely loving the heavy bass in newer songs. It really caters to the younger crowd while keeping the 90s vibe. The psych-punk/ glam-rock renditions of older songs are really good to listen to. Enjoying reading the articles from that era of music and the stories that are being shared by platforms like Glamnezia. That was a great single review by Nigel Carr. It’s great to hear the stories behind this new music.

  17. Both songs are really great!!! Love that they have a raw punk feel but still sound nice and clear… the vocalist is top notch… overall this is a nice blend of old punk and bits of glam with still a modern twist… very refreshing new sound different that what you hear from most bands…

    I like pushbike a lot!! The vocal harmonies are great… on both tracks the band in general has a great feel… well recorded too… everything is so nice and clear…. really hope this band takes off and hear a lot more from them

  18. I’m loving these two tracks, especially the mix of psych, punk and glam on ‘Breakout’. It’ got a kind of Bowie vibe (Gene Genie springs to mind).

    Mike Bennett’s production on the Pushbike song is mental, as when you search for it you also find the skiffle version by Mungo Jerry, which bears no resemblance.

    Mike Bennett produces me (as She Robot) and sometimes it takes a day to make a track, the last one took 18 days because drummer Simon Wolstencroft (the Fall) kept making Mike make do falsetto vocals in the style of ELO. Mike was a good sport and always fun to work with but I must admit he is a bit of a taskmaster! But with his work ethos these guys should go far.

    By the way, I loved Nigel Carr’s ‘Glamnezia’ article and would like to submit my own version of Jason B Sad by T-Rex.

  19. Hi Jona Lewie here, I worked a remake of Seaside Shuffle and Kitchen at Parties with Mike Bennett. Although he likes it punk, he thinks commercially. You only have to listen to Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use) by Melanie Williams to notice the broadcast quality aspect. Although I love the pushbike song, Break out is intriguing as I picked up on it in another article by Louder Than War. My colleague showed me a You Tube radio link on a Derby station and they are between 14 and 16 so is this an incredible band. With aspects of new punk and a kind of grunge sound, the combination is perfect.

  20. The original idea for the pushbike song came from Michael Infante at One Media IP-based at Pinewood studios. Mike Bennett works for their label a lot but because they work with people like Mungo Jerry I gather they expected it to be a shuffle version and they ended up getting Punk. I hope they take the band on despite the shocking juxtapositional version.

    They do have the Stooges back catalogue so fingers crossed as I am helping broker the deal.

    Personally my favourite track is breakout as I love my new Punk but the pushbike song is a great idea and somehow reminds me of Jilted John because there is an element of comedy.

    The video is spectacular and actually makes it for me but I still like Breakout as the key track because it’s got a kind of Green Day element and I love Green Day.

  21. Having worked with the Legendary Mike Bennet, I’d say any band he turns his hand to will be nothing other than an absolute hit.

    Innovative, exciting and something extremely magical.

  22. I’ve just found out that I’m going to be on the Polyfest Digital Pandemic festival line-up alongside a load of great bands and artists, including Rendacium. I really like this band, and this Punk version of the Pushbike Song (I had to get my Dad to play me the original; this version is way better!) Nigel Carr, if you read this, I’d love to work with this band! Mike Bennett is producing all the songs for the virtual festival, which is also great as my Dad has played me songs that Mike has done with Toyah and Hazel O’Connor, who I really like too.
    I’ve also had it confirmed, through Knox of the Vibrators, that I’m going to be on the bill for the gig next year, so I’m really hoping that Rendacium will be on too, so that maybe we could do a track together; that would be cool. My favourite track of theirs is still Breakout though.
    My Dad submitted my version of Germ Free Adolescents to the Polyfest people, and now all this is happening. Exciting times!

  23. We made commiserations on an earlier post for Steve Priest. Amazing Rendacium have done the Teenage Rampage Tribute. Loved the clip, we noticed its going viral! Worked with Mike Bennett since the Trojan. years and although a completely different genre, the combination of Mike and these guys should work well! We love punk too!

  24. I like this version of the Pushbike song but I have to admit that I do like other versions. As a massive Mungo Jerry fan, I feel their version is on the same level as Rendacium’s version.
    Why don’t both bands put it out as a double A-Side.
    I read somewhere that it was going to be for the NHS so why not?! People get 2 for 1!

    2 excellent bands and a very good cause – just a suggestion but why not hook both bands up together? Forget the Mixtures, that was a manufactured band.

  25. Checked out this band on Nigel Carrs history of Glam Rock article and its the kind of band I would have liked to be on Factory when I was there. I still work as a consultant for many labels and back in the day worked with Mike Bennett on many projects. Ive looked at the bands website and I am going to reach out to them as I think this fabulous 2 piece have really got legs!

    And the Pushbike Song is a fucking ear worm! Ouch!

  26. Researched the band having heard these 2 gems. Absolutely brilliant. Did they use to play in a Greenday cover band as they seem to do quite a lot of Greenday covers, probably a few too many. Definitely prefer their stuff on here!
    I will be looking out for them as I think they could go HUGE.
    Love the pushbike song and the other track is growing on me, very familiar riff and I’m trying to work out what it is. My mate reckons its the Glitter band. It will come to me as I am a bit of a Glam fan and its definitely a Glam riff. But I must admit Im a punk at heart. You only have to tune in to 6 music and hear bands like the Struts to hear the fusion or for people who don’t dig it perhaps con-fusion. I like the way these guys mix it up!

  27. A lot of negative comments here about the original track by the Mixtures. I don’t know why there is so much criticism about it. My daughter likes this Punk thing but to me its just noise. Bring back the old versions that’s what I say. I do like some proper rock music like The Eagles and my husband follows louder than war and has got my daughter into this kind of thing but u cant beat the 70’s versions.

    • hahaha unlikely that your going to get a sound like by Mike Bennett. I worked with him on the Interstellar Jah Wobble album and when it came to the cover versions he actually turned thrashy stuff into ballads which I think is right because there is no point in doing a copy as the original already exists. I actually like the original as well and it reminds me of In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry. Good to see a young band mashing up the styles. Both versions are excellent and I will leave it at that. Love the Teenage Rampage version and as a bass player I was sorry to hear about Steve Priest. People should open their minds to all styles

  28. What a great band! Checked out Teenage Rampage on The Sweet fan site and Rendacium have made it completely their own. Unbelievable that they are just teens and great that they paid tribute to Steve Priest, its being shared a lot! They should put it out as a single. Great article here and great to see what they look like on video.

  29. This is fabulous! Love a bit of Glam Punk!!
    I look forward to hearing more!
    I worked with Mike Bennett years ago in the early noughties – we made this trippy music video for a Hazel O’Connor album up at Angus Wallace’s studio. They filmed me running around with a giant pumpkin thing on my head….it was weird and hilarious!!! I’d love to see what became of the video, I haven’t seen Mike in years but I’m sure he’s doing wonderful things with his brilliant creative mind.

  30. Steve Priest rest in peace you must be proud up there! Its a teenage rampage now! Cracking!

  31. Listening to ‘Rendacium’ cover of Sweets, ‘Teenage Rampage’ It’s got great punk energy!
    Thinking of Steve Priest with sadness. Only Andy left from that great band now….

  32. Breakout has a good punk vibe to it maybe not as catchy as Mike bennett’s stuff with BMX Bandits def one to watch

  33. This band aren’t half bad but they are way too similar to The Offspring, Blink, Greenday and all the cliches. The two tracks here have more of an uplifting punky sound.

    Pushbike song could defo be a hit and it rings a bell lol

  34. Top Sound apart from those Green Day covers on YouTube. Teenage rampage shows them in a different light modern, interesting and I gather some big names involved so I will be watching out for success

  35. I quite like that track broke out but feels it needs something extra. Pushbike song is a bit of a masterstroke-reminds me of that track toast that came out with Paul Young or something like Kerzell flyers-modern new wave

  36. Mint. Pushbike song is not even theSame song because I googled Mungo Jerry-I really like that version though another band had a hit with it called the mixtures who were not Glam rock and nor is this but it’s got balls

  37. Found a song called 1157 really good, could be a single. Can’t believe that these are just kids I heard the Derby radio broadcast and they are basically young kids that are taking things into a new direction including the dedication to Steve priest A punk version of teenage rampage wow

  38. I think this is a good couple of tracks and I noted that they were included in Nigel Carr’s Glam rock section on the radio show because I’m in the sweet Fanclub and was watching out for the Blockbuster David Bowie cut up I follow the sweet fan site. I think that was the guy from dust junkys. We have shared it This band of done a pretty good punk version as a dedication to Steve through so we are very grateful that both hot cuts were included in the radio show If they come to California I will give them two days in the studio. Personal friend of Steve Stewart of the Sweet

  39. Mike bennett has made them sound the same but different. Pushbike song is really clever because who would’ve thought you could do A pug track out of the middle of the road pop song that has been long forgotten . It’s a bit like the Ramones when they did the birds got the word if you’re going to cover it might as well do a fuck off cover and this is fuck off. It’s really thrash you clean and not like what Bennett did with the fall which was sometimes kitchen sink . Still love his attitude But Sinister waltz as kitchen sink that this is more like his stuff hevwith sham 69 Where did that weird track with that woman with the carry on films The woman that was in the Alf Garnet Series . Totally fucking off the wall

  40. Pushbike song is surely the that Song came out by the mixtures Sounds more like offspring. I quite like it it’s got a positive vibe. I heard it on Soho Radio and then noticed that on here is really good. Is it available I can’t find it on Spotify ? Got shared on the sweet side really cool

  41. Jude Cornwall

    Sadly these boys mugged their manager off and have even behaved criminally towards their now ex manager, they have gone back to Busted eats Green Day covers and style…awful sound! Awful behaviour…


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