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Andy Brown reviews the latest single from Barnsley-based indie-pop four-piece, Regional Creeps for Louder Than War.

It was just over a year ago that Regional Creeps released their rather fantastic debut album, Never Gonna Happen. An album of blissful, melancholic jangle-pop written by the bands two songwriters Giannis Kipreos and Zach Duvall. The songs effortlessly emanated the kind of melodic, slacker-rock charm that indie-pop dreams are made of. The band are set to return in November with their second LP and another brilliantly cynical album title, No One Cares. And, if you’re an indie aficionado, you should definitely sit up and take notice.

Lead single, Do It For Yourself, picks up where the band left us last year. The chiming twin guitars of Duvall and Kiperos backed by the fluid, laid-back groove provided by bassist Sam Horton and drummer Mark Rochman. Summertime vibes to counteract the increasingly dark, autumnal nights. The soothing dual vocals offer up an image of torn jeans, wasted days and empty pockets alongside some friendly advice, “if you ever do anything/ do it for yourself/ in this suppression/ I’m worried for your health”.

The band have the kind of knack for melody that’s hard to resist. If you’re an indie-pop fan then Do It For Yourself should provide the ideal 3-minute getaway; pure sonic escapism. The artwork for the single evoking some kind of drunken, homebound version of a holiday brochure. Life seems to be getting particularly complicated at the moment so there really couldn’t be a better time to lose yourself in the endlessly catchy, euphoric indie-pop of Regional Creeps.

Pre-order No One Cares here

You can find Regional Creeps on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Check out Zach’s dream-pop band, Weedipus here

All words by Andy Brown. You can visit his author profile and read more of his reviews for Louder Than War here

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