Reg Presley the great frontman from the Troggs has died at 71.

The band, who came from Andover, were one of the great British rock n roll bands with a series of hits in the sixties that took the Kinks early singles and brilliantly reduced them to a fantastic bump n grind of rudimentary rock n roll.
A proper proto punk band the trio left many much loved songs and Reg spent most of the money on researching crop circles.
The band were also famous for the Troggs tapes- the swearing filled outtakes from the studio as the have a heated discussion about a song littered with swearing- a direct inspiration on Derek and live.


I met him once a few years ago on some radio show and he talked for ages about those crop circles in that wonderful west country burr of his.


He will be much missed, god bless you wild thing…



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