Rednek: Camden Barfly, London – live review

Camden Barfly, London
16th August 2012

Rednek recently played a rare UK date down at The Barfly in London. Our man Keith was lucky enough to catch what sounds like a properly apocalyptic show & judging by the below it would appear he was very lucky to do so.

So… What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen whilst standing in a room holding a pint of weak expensive warm lager (that’s probably sponsoring the floor you happen to be standing on), on a school night and well before bedtime and well before the last bus home? And how long after the event did you realise it was the best, or felt the best? I ask because personally I reckon to achieve this status you need to give it a few years really otherwise you’ll come across like one of those X-factor judges who heap praise before spitting out an equal amount of praise to the next best thing that walks around the corner …….. I remember, as a teenager hearing The Slits on Peel and a few months later standing in a field in North London thinking things like “if only all gigs were like this” (sloppy, exciting,inspiring and realising “hey fucin”ell ..we could do that…let’s form a band…..”) and later on in life I recall Extreme Noise Terror, (on a wet Friday night,in a pub next to a police station – i wore my yellow jumper…) who were like nothing you could have imagined at the time even though you’d read about them, heard their tunes (again on Peel) and wondered yet again…why all nights out weren’t like this,….and then they were like this…ALL THE FUCKIN TIME !!! …and then we all got fed up, took different drugs* and started dancing to little bleeps made on synthesizers – or got married, or had babies or moved to Milton Keynes…

I remember being bought back down to earth by realising that these amazing people weren’t from some unknown planet the other side of the ocean who owned helicopters and BIG cars and swimming pools , but from places like …Ipswich. And these people appeared to be front runners in a style of noise that my ears hadn’t witnessed before.

…. I’ll refrain by including tonight’s gig amongst the above for the time being but would be happy enough to come back in a few years time to accept either ridicule or a reprise from execution due to other misdemeanours i’ll probably make between now and then.
……It’s a Thursday night in Camden town London and this fine young man called REDNEK is playing 2nd on the bill at the Barfly (headlining is HOLLY COOK, who has a dad called Paul, YES – THAT ONE !!, who is fab but unfortunately I only caught a short glimpse of) and it’s been a year almost to the week since i got thrown a track called “Teefing shoes” (or “LONDON RIOTS”)….


…..and THIS blew my fuckin’ mind and speakers to bits whilst shaking down the walls and make me wanna tell everyone I knew that THIS IS WHAT WE’LL ALL BE LISTENING TO FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES and that THIS IS THE BEST TUNE I HAVE HEARD FOR YEARS ! YES!!! YEARS !!!…..Listen to the kids granddad. That low rumbling noise that’s coming out of your teenagers’ bedroom is what us oldies have been ignoring now for far too long (thus rendering it , at the time of writing – NOW OBSOLETE). The record shops have a name for it and there are sections that are bulging with artists that we’ve never heard of and tonight we are getting a full fist in the face experience of it live. Before bedtime. In a half empty room. where some people are running for the exits before the first 5 minutes have elapsed.


CRASH…That’s that song over then and just as you catch your breath you’re back swaying too and fro to another 4 songs before he stops to tell us how wonderful we all are and then just as it’s time to end THEY CAN’T GET HIM OFF STAGE.

It’s still so early that it’s not even dark outside when I collar the (chain smoking) man to reintroduce myself outside (we’d been communicating via email for months)..and find out that his album “one year later” is now out. He’s been to the states a few times to play in front of PROPER MASSIVE AUDIENCES in HUGE venues and sweeping a nation of yanks off their feet ..whilst simultaneously being ignored by most of the UK save for XFM’s finest Eddy Temple Morris (who he’s recently collaborated with), John Kennedy (who’s Xposure show is hosting this evening), alot of people who will now write to me and accuse me of being ignorant because PROBABLY everyone has been ranting on and on about this bloke for months now (but I never read it because I’m too busy doing other stuff) and the neighbourhood around near where I live as well as probably everyone else who’s under 20 years old who seem to be standing on the same pavement, refusing cigarettes (“GO ON ! have one…when you get to 25 you can tell everyone that Rednek taught you how to smoke fags!”) who are pointing at me behind my back, already in anger with their young faces and Rednek merchandise and are probably about to hunt me out now and throw stones at me for high jacking THEIR music and jumping on THEIR bandwagon that I’ve no reason to write about because I KNOW NUFFINK ABOUT THE YOOF OF TODAY cos i’m an old codger that also listens to FOLK music on a Sunday morning whilst wearing slippers and listening to RADIO 4 …. I hope you’ve clicked the play button and are listning to this whilst reading this because then you may be interested to know that when played LIVE and LOUDER and in a dark room in Camden on a school night THIS IS (as the kids will tell you) THE BOLLOCKS or the NUTS or is it NUTZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ! maybe even NANG !! BADASS ! DOPE! DENCH! DA BOMB !!! and it’s an almighty mess of tunes that leave you seeking more and more and (WAAAAAAARRPP ! WAARRRRP !) more. And it doesn’t sound anything like ATARI TEENAGE RIOT.

BUT (Gulp!!) he does request that we all “put our hands in the air” a couple of times which I believe will shortly become a hanging offence … but we can’t put our hands in the air because our hands are wrapped over our ears and checking that our limbs are still in tact …or pointing at the stage in a way that says YEAH MAN YOOUSSSE THE FUCKIN BOSS ……..(but not in a Springsteen way …he’s much cooooooooleeeer than that !)

ONE DAY……all gigs will be like this.

AND I REFRAINED FROM MENTIONING the D word or Skrillex – or that he used to work in the HIT FACTORY.

And that he’s from ROMFORD – That’s R-O-M-F-O-R-D ……. Eastside! where the dogs race around in circles, and the market.

Essex – YOWSA !!


* didn’t take drugs/made that bit up

All words Keith Goldhanger. To read Keith’s other Olympic reports go here. Keith is on twitter as HIDEOUSWHEELINV.

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