red hot chili peppers I'm With You' album review
fly in the ointment? Chili Peppers album review
red hot chili peppers I'm With You' album review
fly in the ointment? Chili Peppers album review

Red Hot Chili Peppers album review continued

Brendan’s Death Song:

It’s ballad time but fear not this is a really fitting testimony to the band’s friend Brendan Mullen who died on the day of the first rehearsal for the album. Mullen was the first supporter of the band back in their crazed early days and promoted their early shows.
The song is a fitting tribute to a key player in the band’s career and proof that when they get this ballad thing right they are pretty damn good at it with a waterfall of lush melodies at the end washing over you.


Rumoured to be the second single from I’m With You, ‘Ethiopia’ is named after Flea and Klinghoffer’s trip to the African country with an incredible music scene last year. They went to study the local sounds and rhythms, shame they didn’t incorporate enough of them into the album, it would have been an interesting twist to the band’s career. ‘Ethiopia’ is a heartfelt celebration of the band’s emergence from the drug filled cesspit of rock n roll and into the world of family life and is built around a lolling slow funk bass groove from the Flea meister…a fantastic piece of control on the bass.

Annie Wants a Baby:

Not the best song on the album- sounding like a leftover from Stadium Arcadium lifted by Klinghoffer’s harmonies.

Look Around:

Some classic Kiedis lyrical nonsense and a great bouncing bassline and with some fab handclaps, this is pure Chili pop.

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie:

The low key precursor to the album with that great clanking cowbell, repeated listens expose this as a great single, love that guitar lick from Klinghoffer and the chorus is subtly catchy if there can be such a thing

Did I Let You Know:
Its trumpet time! Flea shows of his new addled to skills to this neo garage rock track after being on some music course and brings back his rootin tootin trumpet to the fore, catchy chorus with hotly backing vocals or can Josh really sing that high?

Goodbye Hooray:
Almost like a return to the funky monks of the Chili peak, a stand out cut on the album

Happiness Loves Company:
Upbeat and oozing positive vibes, you could only make music like this in California.

Police Station:
Great title but anyone expecting a Black Flag style workout will be in for a let down with this ballad about girls in far out places, like, Er, the police station of the title.

Even You Brutus?
There was a lot of talk about the use of pianos on the album and here they are, jaunty and with great effect to Kiedis yapping vocal, its a great swerve from the trad Chili sound

Meet Me At The Corner:
Could there be too many ballads on the album? At this point you are certainly believing so. Could have done with a funk punk biggie somewhere on the album after all that’s what the band are here for! I guess mellowing out is natural as the half century closes in but some of their trademark links would have been cool.

Dance, Dance, Dance:

Not the climax we had been waiting for but there is enough ammunition on this album to mark a fruitful comeback. Dance dance dance has enough of the funk though to work and a great chanting vocal outro.

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