How was Record Store Day for you?

Did you get those rarities or those undiscovered treasures? did you manage to find what you were looking for in the avalanche of major label releases with the many hidden gems inside? did you manage to pump a few quid into the much loved record shops and keep them going and what is perhaps, the most vital link in the whole chain going?

Or did you get in early, sneak home and sell the whole lot on ebay?

If it’s the later, it’s causing much debate in the kingdom of indie.

Is it fair play to be selling these releases on Ebay? does it matter if they were already bought in the shop and therefore pumping money into the indie economy that is being battered by the recession and the Pirates? If it’s already bought then surely you can do what you want with the purchases- no matter how cynical.Record Store Day releases getting sold to Ebay- does it piss you off?

Does it matter? or should everyone play fair and buy records that they want instead of buying them for sheer profit?

if it’s not fair, then there is not much that can be done about it, how can Record Store Day stop the flow of releases to Ebay? is it a variation of touting or just a mini cottage industry of its own?

Are you pissed off that you could not get the releases you were after because someone had already snaffled them up for Ebay?

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