Rebellion punk festival announce 2011 line up

Rebellion festival

The world’s biggest punk festival returns to Blackpool to celebrate the 35th anniversary of punk and for some noisy good times on the weekend of August 4th to the 7th.

Tickets are selling faster than ever before as the festival has become the key gig on the punk rock calendar.

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This year there is an even more varied bill covering all aspects of punk rock and noisy culture, including

Cock Sparrer
UK Subs
The Outcasts
The Damned
The Beat
Penny Rimbaud from Crass
The Adicts
The Meteors
Devils Brigade (featuring Matt freeman from Rancid)
The Old Firm Casuals (featuring Fars Fredrikson from Rancid)
And about 200 other bands”¦

And also a folk stage and John Robb’s in conversation with punk legends stage


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  1. I am age-inappropriately excited about this, but wish the running order was different. I know, selfish b*stard. The Exploited and the Damned on at the same time!!!

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