Unless you’ve not looked at the internet over the last week or so, you couldn’t have missed the outpouring of vitriol and hatred for this tune by Rebecca Black the “song” is called Friday its autotuned to fuck , its had 14 million youtube hits in a week and she’s being touted as the female Justin Beiber. What do you think? Is it the worst song ever or are we all being sucked into the next online hype designed to raise the profile of some poor kid about to be exploited by a music industry in decline. Please leave your comments below. (and watch the full video, it really is that bad!!)

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  1. I think as a marketing exercise its second to non. As a song its… (checking dictionary) nope, can’t find a word to describe it.


  2. Aw. It’s cute and fun! The lyrics are strange kind of genius, written like a six year old with concussion.
    I like it, give me this over pompous old crap like The Manics and U2 anyday!

    • Absolutely! Frivolous and joyful pop like this is great fun and there should be more of it… As you rightly point out, it’s the dour and pompous nonsense that is killing music off. There’s plenty of room for both Rebecca Black and Sunn 0))) – it’s the uninspired turgid nonsense like U2, Elbow, Kings of Leon etc that we need to get rid of, along with earnest over-emotive ‘soulful’ singers à la X-Factor!


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