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All details and last few tickets from Whitby Goth Weekend.

The premier goth-themed festival in the UK, WGW returns at the end of the month to Whitby for another bacchanalian celebration of the form. The Yorkshire seaside town with its cobbled streets and atmospheric hills and ruined church is the perfect backdrop to the event and the festival with its varied bills, friendly vibe and all night partying is a perfect weekend for the dark.


‘It’s time once again to roll out the black carpet and batten down the hatches, as Whitby Goth Weekend strikes the sleepy seaside town with its biannual independent music festival. One of the gems in the crown of the alternative scene in Britain, 2018 is our 24th year of providing incredible live music in a safe, friendly environment that’s ideal for all ages.

To kick off our 2018 calendar we’ve diversified even more than we’re already legendary for. Friday Night is set up to be an incredible evening of cabaret, circus and variety performances, as the Spa Pavilion becomes the Goth Weekend big top for the first time! This is truly a Goth Weekend variety show, displaying the best and most bizarre that the alternative has to offer. Standing by our slogan of expanding the definition of Goth, we truly feel that this is a weekend that simply can’t be missed.

With our world-renowned Bizarre Bazaar, an awesome line up of Fringe events and a friendly, supportive team, Whitby Goth Weekend is a perfect event for all, be it the older generation of punks who’d prefer a nice sit down or youngsters who are only just dipping their toes into the Alternative.

We’ll see you there!’


Friday 27th of April

Rayguns Look Real Enough
A mind-melting fusion of rock and roll, cabaret and comedy, Rayguns Look Real Enough tout themselves as being a rock band on the edge. But nobody knows what they’re on the edge of. With a superb sense of showmanship – including a now legendary tiger onesie – and deft guitar playing, this mashup outfit are sure to entertain even the most cynical audience member. Once dubbed the British answer to Tenacious D – But way funnier, Rayguns Look Real Enough are something completely new for the UK’s longest running independent Goth festival – and we can’t wait to see what they have in store!

Desmond O’Connor
Internationally renowned – and a rather incredible multi-talent – Desmond O’Connor has a twenty year career in everything from musical theatre to production. A favourite of the world famous Edinburgh Fringe festival, Desmond’s cheeky, satirical lyrics have brought hilarity and a slightly alternative twinge to the world of stage presentation with a superb, George Formby twist – a ukulele and a fine suit can easily bring you into a false sense of security – but those rude, loud and witty words are sure to pull you back into reality.

Circus of Horrors
The ultimate in Gothic cabaret – the ultimate in Gothic magic – the ultimate in Gothic entertainment. Since 1995, Circus of Horrors have amazed, shocked and thrilled audiences around the world. Filling stadiums – including the first ever British circus slot to perform in Moscow, and amazing the revellers of Glastonbury are just a few of this alternative circus troupe’s incredible achievements. What could possibly be better to kick off one of the greatest independent festivals in the United Kingdom? This is their first time at WGW, and we’re almost certain it won’t be their last! They’ve promised us an exclusive show completely separate to their current multi-date international voodoo tour – who knows what lays in store…

Saturday 28th of April

They’ve been through many incarnations and have cemented themselves as one of the founders of the Gothic movement; but 1919’s biggest achievement is staying true to the ethos they were built on in 1980 – to create a heavy melodic intense dance band with no frills and no intentions. After the barnstorming release of their second studio album, Bloodline, and an utterly touching memorial show to founding guitarist Mark Tighe in 2017, the band have continued to draw in as many new audiences as they have played to fans and friends for nearly four decades. It’s been a rollercoaster – but there’s just no stopping this iconic contributor to the Goth we all know and love.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic
The latest incarnation of the 5th Generation of Rock and Roll, with Martin Degville and a whole host of digital wizardry, is returning to Goth Weekend – stepping sequins and heels onto the Pavilion’s stage to enormous demand. Martin has been a regular, staunch supporter of Whitby Goth Weekend for years, and continues to give us the best of the best – glitzy, ever glamorous and every bit as surprising as Degville’s first demos, this is pure rock and roll electro royalty. With bare rear ends and feathers.

The Last Cry
One of the most emotional, gripping live shows we’ve ever seen! The Last Cry’s Andrew Birch is a master of stagemanship, and the group’s incredibly dedicated fanbase have elevated an independent group from Brighton into something truly special; a legacy that they’ve kept adding to and improving every step of the way. Having celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2015, The Last Cry are now preparing for a slot at Wave Gotik Treffen – not to mention their fifth Whitby Goth Weekend performance – and, constantly in demand, they no doubt have many more ahead!

Following the release of his latest album, Heart Shaped Wound, Aurelio Voltaire has simply never taken a break. Between his successful animation career, his works in writing and his ever-increasing acting credits, this multi-faceted, devilish cabaret showman is a favourite of Whitby Goth Weekend’s audience and proves his natural charisma every time armed only with a guitar, his smile and a bottle of rum. With deep, smooth, chocolatey vocals and an amazing stage presence, our favourite headliner never ceases to draw in and mystify his legions of fans.


Trying to keep a retrospective of Desmond O’Connor and his incredible career – without writing a six page essay – would never do him justice. With twenty two years of entertainment behind him, Des started off at Cambridge Footlights with Mitchell and Webb, Richard Ayode and Matthew Holness – and, at the invitation of Mitchell, soon became a musical director of the rather legendary revue…

Beyond being an educational psychologist and a teacher of Latin, he also presented MTV UK’s Bestival and The Big Chill, and would later find footing with an impressive array of musicals and productions – including composer, lyricist and musical director of Scott Mills the Musical for BBC Radio 1.

His cheeky, sly wit and hilarious lyrics – not to mention an eclectic range of covers – muster up a modern day George Fornby; with a splash of face paint to match the familiar jacket with elbow patches! O’Connor produced and starred in And The Devil May Drag You Under and Desmorphia, both of which showed at the Edinburgh Festival and Brighton Festival Fringe – The former has also played in Berlin and at Latitude Festival. Desmond has made regular club, and festival performances in London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin and New York, and at the New York Burlesque Festival 2008.

He’s also a regular performer at Edinburgh Fringe – and won Best Cabaret at the Edinburgh Spotlight awards in 2010.


Des plans to storm the Goth Weekend Stage during the Circus of Horrors’ short Yorkshire Tea Break, before the gruesome finale at the end of our Friday Evening extravaganza.

Desmond O’Connor – Showreel 2011

welcome to world of Desmond O’Connor, internationally renowned musical comedian whose bittersweet lyrics and insanely catchy melodies never fail to shock, charm and …

A shout of ‘’Release the Tiger” will mark the start of our WGW’s live entertainment offering this Spring. Animals? At a Circus? At Whitby Goth Weekend? Have they gone totally batshit insane? All these questions you may well be asking yourself.

Fronted by a tambourine playing tiger and acclaimed as the UKs answer to Tenacious D, Rayguns look Real Enough, are set to kick off our night of Twisted Cabaret with a unique performance. Their legendary mash ups are certainly not for the faint hearted each tune featuring as many as 15 different tracks ranging from The Cure to Doctor Who (and bonus Invisible Pan Pipes)

Previous winners of ‘Time Out Alternative Eurovision’, shortlisted for the London Cabaret Awards and regulars at Londons prestigiousCafe de Paris, we can’t think of anyone better to open our mind-melting variety show that will blow the New Rocks off of even the most jaded audience member.

This is the perfect way to introduce the first half of the legendary Dok Haze Circus of Horrors Freakshow, and the latest instalment of the UK’s most legendary Gothic Festival.

Rayguns look Real Enough – Onstage 8pm Friday 27th April as part of Whitby Goth Weekend

Check them out here….

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