A shocking full stop has been stamped into our own personal post war timeline. This may be selfish in the light of the endless war which has raged worldwide for ever but after this weekend it’s come home to roost in hail of bullets and hatred.

This is not a new world order but a new world war. Terror is the key word of these times and a million fault lines have cracked.

Paris left everyone reeling as the horror of the 21st century finally arrived right into the middle of our world.

That doesn’t mean we or anyone else has no empathy with Kenya last year, Syria last week or everywhere else all the time. Those are permanent worries as well.

The events in Paris are a wake up call though because they are a direct hit on everyone in out little world and put a full stop in our lives and history. Not because the people who died are more important than people who die every day in the endless wars across the planet, not because western blood has more value, not because we don’t care about the death and misery caused by all ideologies and motives all across the world. The pop culture society of the spectacle has been turned upside down and turned into the terror spectacle, what was once  a song is now a kalashnikov. How do we react? do we still stand for what we believe in? Do we swing to the draconian? do we give up freedom?

History is knocking on our doors and is no longer a headline but a day to day reality. The frontline has been shifted to our front door and the great post war period of peace, of a slumbering Euro-west cosiness is now truly over.

No matter what your reaction to the situation is, it feels hopelessly small – a mini facebook debate, a misinformed hail of opinions and one liners, a pedants stream of one upmanship and cant. The pop culture that once seemed to want change to change the world is now X Factor or toothless or easily ignored – can a great piece of music defeat a machine gun in the hands of a zealot?

In 2015 the reaction has become a babble of voices across facebook contradicting each other. Voices range from fear to compassion, from attempts to understand to calls for all out war, from trying to reach out to a swing to the right. The tragedy has become the online narrative with endless  finger waving about atrocities elsewhere in the world  from people who have never posted about them before as people react in different ways to the shock. No-one is an expert here.

Compassion towards the victims of the Bataclan written on our music website had a couple of comments saying stuff like ‘what about the rest of Paris?’ and it’s not just about a ‘fucking nightclub’ – comments that we must forgive for being spur of the moment reactions as they breath takingly brush over the the fact that our comment was from one part of the music community reacting to an attack on its every core and fibre and not about forgetting all the hate and war in the rest of the world.  This assumption that it’s only about the Batalcan is so arrogant. The reply about the ‘fucking nightlcub’ seems to flippantly seems to brush away the pain and terror of the Batlaclan attack. We hope they had the chance to rethink this and to stop assuming moral superiority.

French flags on facebook pages are criticised for not embracing other terror victims from the rest of the world typed by people who have never cared to mention these incidents before. It’s all a bit of ‘my compassion is better than your compassion’.

The internet is also full of conspiracy theories where people don’t believe the news but believe any rumour that is posted online –  wild opinions and scraps of information become fact and create opposing reactions and confusion. There are is no solid ground in this new world. Terror is everywhere, agendas are everywhere and confusion is the keyword of 2015. They always say truth is the first casualty of war and it looks like truth has been digitally destroyed.

All the old certainties are gone, enemies lurk in shadows, politics are blurred lines and the truth is just another causality in the random hail of bullets and opinions. We now live in truly deadly and dangerous times and how the liberal minded and how pop culture reacts is paramount to our community.

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  1. I tend to view waving of the flag of a country responsible for so much bloodshed in the middle east/Africa in the wake of this attack as more of a battle cry than a true act of compassion/humanity. To disregard the atrocities committed by France, and other Western allies which have ultimately created this evil in such a way is unmeasured and fundamentally Islamaphobic. It’s only 13 years since the US branded France the enemy for refusing to assist in the Iraq invasion. Now they stand side by side with them in the fight against terrorism. It’s all about whatever they can use to stir the populations up into another war dance, and the french flag, just like the Je Suis Charlie campaign is one of many vehicles they are using to that end. To jump on the bandwagon is to continue blindly supporting the west’s imperialistic, new world order, military industrial complex.

  2. S, it’s interesting how you ignore that the USA of 2015 is led by a president who at the time was a staunch opponent of the Iraq invasion, while the France of 2003 was led by an otherwise undisputably thoroughly right wing nasty piece of work of a President who just happened to be a longstanding chum of Saddam’s and who had a chip on his shoulder about Middle East politics to match that of any Chomskyite “leftist” but who otherwise had no redeeming qualities as far as anyone claiming to be of the Left is concerned.

    Whatever bad can be said about France’s treatment of Algerians – and there was plenty – clearly even life under de Gaulle’s army was a picnic compared to life under ISIS. To deny this much is to deny the best interests of Algerians and other Middle East/African peoples whose welfare you claim to champion.

  3. This compassion one upmanship is pretty ugly. Not sure if people putting up the French flag are calling for war or ignoring other atrocities any more than the sudden surge of these self righteous critics who have suddenly turned up and who have never mentioned any of these other atrocities before themselves.

  4. Some Are More Equal – Champion of the Algerians lol look it doesn’t really matter who is currently in power mostly anywhere these days, the leaders are all puppets. Politicians are good at saying the right things before they are elected. You also ignore the fact that when Obama came to power he promised many things which did not happen, like ending the war in Afghanistan and closing down Guantanamo. Instead. he has ordered more drone strikes than George Bush. The war in Syria has been planned since 2008, interestingly enough around the time when the great peace loving hero of modern civilisation came to power.

    Sure, an estimated 100,000 deaths at the hands of de Gaulle’s army sounds like a real picnic. It’s also worth noting that ISIS is a creation of the west with the purpose of destabilising Syria, all part of the Greater Israel Project.

    Still, at least Obama didn’t preside over 9/11, which was almost certainly an inside job owing to the mountains of evidence all pointing to the use of explosives to bring down WTC1, 2 and 7- all of which the current US administration and it’s allies continue to deny, choosing instead to spread more anti-Islamic propaganda through their largely Jewish owned corporate media giants.

  5. Proof that 9/11 is an inside job please?
    Proof that ISIS was created by the west please…

    Are you one of those don’t believe the news but believe random websites/bloke down the pub conspiracy types?

    Why would the west even bother with creating 9/11? so they could persuade you that they should bomb someone! they don’t care about you!

    • Jeff Whyte – Prove to me it was Osama Bin Laden. You can’t, because there is absolutely no evidence for that. That is why Bin Laden was never formally indicted by the FBI for this, because he didn’t do it.

  6. Jeff Whyte – yeah sure I wear a tin foil hat and believe in all conspiracy theories, especially the moon landings. Don’t bore me with these cliched responses. Here’s the real science behind the destruction of the towers, by real experts, not the ones paid off by the US government to conjure up lies to cover up the truth, if you can be bothered to read it. I’m sure you and all other enlightened NCC/BBC subscribers have already made your minds up.


    9/11 all fed into the Project for the New American Century, which was co-written by one of the heads of the 9/11 Commission Philip Zelikow a few years before. It’s all about gaining public support to further the US’s aims for full spectrum domininance. The Iraq war was just the start of their plans with Israel to divide and conquer surrounding middle eastern states for the purpose of ultimately expanding Israel into them. 9/11 was also about gaining support from the public to usher in the Patroit act, all part of the new world order’s plans. And they will likely succeed because people like you refuse to see what’s in front of your own eyes.

  7. Oh dear – conspiracy theory madness. The world is flat – prove it isn’t types. Of course the BBC is biased but why believe any old crap you read on the internet? Love the way the CONspiracy mov cite solid evidence that when it’s laughed out of court they then pretend they never said. Why believe every word that fits into your narrow world view? you are being conned.

    • There’s really no point talking to you is there, or any of the other loons who believe in the official 9/11 story. I’m wasting my time. It’s just the same response every time. I cited you solid scientific evidence and you just dismissed it. There’s no hope for the world, not when it’s full of narrow minded, brainwashed morons.

  8. >> largely Jewish owned corporate media giants.

    It’s quite jaw-dropping how people can get away with that sort of talk on supposedly liberal web forums these days.

    Perhaps the moderators on LTW would like to explain why they let that one through.

      • Stating a very old myth going back to the 1800s that remains a pet favourite of extreme right wingers the world over, which doesn’t stand up to five minutes’ scrutiny and which, not so long ago, would have got a person booed and shunned as a Nazi for expressing it in respectable society especially left wing society.

        • It’s not a myth. It’s a fact that the vast majority of international corporate media is owned by Jews, and they are using this to spread propaganda and misinformation to further their sinister new world order aims, all written into the Project for the New American Century and the Greater Israel Project, to expand Israel into bordering countries by creating wars, divide and conquer. This can all be looked up.

          Your insinuation here that by stating these facts I am therefore an anti-Semite is just not going to wash. Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UK, the US and a few other European countries are the primary aggressors in this current world war we are entering. Don’t try and play the holocaust victim card with me, WW2 was a long time ago and things have changed a lot since then!

          • > It’s not a myth. It’s a fact that the vast majority of international corporate media is owned by Jews,

            I’m humouring you more than I really need to but just for example, name two Jewish owners of UK daily national newspapers and name three UK daily national newspapers they own between them.

            (Hint – you won’t manage it because there is only Richard Desmond and his two papers the Express and the Star)

  9. Oh dear ‘solid scientific evidence’ . Love the way that the tin foil hat brigade believe anything they read online or on a forum but sternly and patronisingly lecture everyone else on believing anything they read. The real ‘sheeple’ seem to be the conspiracy theory loons. One conspiracy site I was reading was saying the attack was on that specific day because of ‘numeracy’. The conspiracy mob have their heads in the sand and seek the same cliched responses and explanations to everything citing dodgy websites and half truths to create a ‘truth’ that suits them.

      • So, still no evidence – just random website links that can’t be proven any more or less than the mainstream news and a bunch of dull insults thrown around a messageboard.

        • It’s a legit scientific, peer reviewed account of the science behind the collapse of the three towers, by a growing number of highly accredited professionals who have worked in structural engineer/physics/metallurgy for many decades. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth. Firefighters for 9/11 truth. A lot of people who were there on that day and lost friends and family also want answers.

          • Like the moon landings conspiracy guff all equally and massively disproved by other scientists. Why would the US government even care what the public thought? so you think they sit there in their bunker wondering what ‘S’ thinks? This ‘S’ person who makes wild dodgy claims about ‘largely Jewish owned corporate media giants.’

  10. Jeff Whyte- what do the moon landings have to do with 9/11? This is all you guys can say to support the fraudulent lies that are being told by NIST and the 9/11 Commission. ‘The moon landings conspiracy theories are ridiculous, therefore so are all other conspiracy theories’. Change the record, pathetic attempt to argue the case for something which is so obvious a child could see it. Steel high rise buildings don’t collapse like that due to fire alone! And there you all are jumping on the I said the Jews own all the media therefore I hate Jews. Maybe you are Islamaphobic and you think ‘the Muslims all want to take over our countries because we’re all free’? I’m starting to think maybe.

  11. You would think with all their power and great knowledge and whole massive departments at their disposal that a government would be able to fake a tower going down properly wouldn’t you!

    • Not sure what your point is, but in any case their aims have been achieved thanks largely to the apathy and gullibility of the masses. Nonetheless, there is a growing movement of people, professionals waking up to the lies so there’s still hope.

  12. Some are more equal- I believe I said International media and not specifically the UK. I also said the vast majority. I didn’t say all.

  13. httpss://www.ukcolumn.org/article/magic-madness-governments-nlp-assault-our-minds

    We don’t KNOW who is behind those poor mind controlled freaks, who calmly murder people and then kill themselves.
    Of course one objects to finger pointing and yells of “its the jews” or “its the ISIS lot” or whatever. We don’t know.

    Anyone.. repeat ANYONE who has been psy-opt-mind-controlled, will go out and do ANYTHING.

  14. Typical conspiracy mob turning up like a rash bending half truths to fit their own agendas. Reading scraps of info on the internet and misunderstanding them. One minute its a jewish conspiracy the next it isn’t. Now it’s mind control when it looks like the usual mob of religious lunatics.

    • Not the Jews- Israel. The state of Israel. The Israeli government. Whilst yes they are Jews, the fact that their actions towards neighbouring states and their complicity with the US and the west in attacking and demonising Muslims and Muslim countries is no more the fault of Jewish people than an ISIS suicide bomber is the fault of all Muslims. I have no problem with anyone, whatever religion or colour they are. It’s the Zionists. Let’s be clear on that.

      You want half truths, or just blatant lies then by all means go ahead and turn your brain off and sit in front of a TV screen and watch the mainstream news.

      Whatever anyone thinks, no-one can deny the aggressive behaviour of the US, the UK, France and Israel towards certain countries in the middle east in recent years, and the devastation and loss of life it has resulted in, nor the fact that it is primarily to blame for the current situation we are in now. Even Tony Bliar has finally admitted that recently.


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