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Ravioli Me Away describe themselves as a ‘Dangerously ambitious and delusional all girl jazzy post-pop punk hip funk with a stylistically schizophrenic theme spanning all known past, present and future human cultures and sub cultures….’ They recently released their new album ‘The Inevitable Album’, Louder Than War’s Adrian Bloxham has been listening to it, read what he thinks below.

Music isn’t always supposed to be easy to listen to. Half the records I own have been described as an awful noise by various friends, family members and other halves. I quite like confrontational stuff, you know what I mean, records that make you work to like them. The first time you put them on they grate and make your teeth itch but after three or four listens you realise that actually this is pretty good and you like it a lot. Then there are those records that never give you that spark, never click and sit neglected on a shelf gathering dust and static. Ravioli Me Away have made an album that is, on the one hand, brave and experimental and on the other hand annoying and grating. Which way you will sway is beyond me. It is getting to me though, it’s getting through.

The songs are spiky and weird, possibly for the sake of it, but then that’s not a bad thing is it? It’s political and in your face. The anger is palpable on ‘One Kiss’ and ‘Imagination’. For every odd lyric and song about job interviews there’s an ‘Estrogen’ about feminism, which almost feels straightforward.


The drum patterns are rudimental and the keyboard tunes are repeated over and over, they aren’t about how complex the songs are, this is immediate and in your face. A true Riot Grrl sensibility. They use samples of David Cameron to illustrate what is wrong and where they stand. More often than not the lyrics are shouted and screamed out rather than just sung. Voices are used as instruments and sounds are slammed together to make things work.

But then, just as you are getting sucked into the weird, off kilter world of Ravioli Me Away they produce the final two songs on the album which are so at odds with the rest that it’s almost as if they thought they should do something different. ‘Euro Breakdown’ has a classic electro sound, polished and catchy. While ‘Scooby Loop’ gives you dubby bass, weird little sounds underneath and a fantastic groove.

An album to argue about, an album to either fall in love with or throw across the room. I’m pretty sure that’s what the band want, an extreme reaction to an inevitable album.


Ravioli Me Away’s website is here, they are also on Facebook and can be found on Twitter as @RavioliMeAway.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. His author archive can be found here.

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