Rats On Rafts are one of the best new upcoming bands- a teenage Dutch collision between the Birthday Party and Teardrop Explodes for the now…

Rats On Rafts Link

9:40 Saturday night, ready for a night in. I see a post on facebook about the band Rats on Rafts. I had not heard them so check them out on youtube. They sound good. Really good. When are they playing?… Shit”¦ Tonight”¦ In less than twenty minutes time! Suppose I could see them when they next play Newcastle”¦ Oh no they aren’t from round here, they’re from Rotterdam.

10:10 “There’s a problem with the PA, the band are going to be on later” Phew I’ve not missed anything…

10:30 Rats on Rafts are on stage. They don’t care if people are watching them or not. They don’t even care whether people like them or not. They are making music that they want to make. They don’t care that the room clears after a couple of songs. They don’t care when the crap Mod with the crap Mod haircut heckles them. They heckle back!

You can hear where their influences lie and they wouldn’t exist without The Birthday Party, The Fall, Teardrop Explodes and other Peel favourites. Rather than ape these, they’ve created something of their own. They sound raw and exciting. A welcome change from the usual Indie by Numbers. Tonight Newcastle saw the best live band they’re likely to see for a while, just a shame only a handful of people realised this.

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