The Beat

The BeatWe are sorry to report that Ranking Roger from The Beat has died.

The charismatic singer was an ace face in the early punk scene and part of the Clash’s extended family before joining The Beat as toaster and was part of the ska band’s chart years when their clever and brilliant records subverted the punky reggae party and created a sound of their own in one of the most loved and brilliant periods of British pop music. Roger was the effervescent and energetic presence in the band and when they reformed he became the frontman.

We knew him well and he was a beautiful soul and a real joy to be around and a great musical spirit. God rest your soul Roger.

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  1. Sad day indeed. Followed the band and loved their music, Always made me smile!!
    Old friend David Steele was their guitarist before joining FYC . Let the music play on xx

  2. Such a sad day, a talented musician, fantastic performer and a great guy.

    R. I. P. Rude Boy.

    God bless.


  3. Hail I. We were together even before that. You was one of the very few true friends I have and now you have skipped one fence to 6th street.
    See you soon on 7th street my brother. Much love.

  4. I was blessed to have a beer with him, Rankin Junior and Gaps Hendrickson last tour to NZ….a genuinely decent man and musical legend. RIP

  5. I too say God Bless to Roger and his family
    Been playing the Beat sounds loudly from my car since his passing
    Met them in Leeds when I tried to sort out Matthew’s sciatic pain at the Brudenell
    And also Hebden
    Always approachable, engaging and down to earth
    The song I will always like is
    Stand Down Margaret

    Love and Unity from Me


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