Rancid’s Tim Armstrong announces new side project


Tim Timebomb And Friends is the latest side project of Rancid’s Tim Armstrong.

They have been uploading covers onto the Internet, the latest of which is a cover of “Do You Wanna Dance.” Tim writes:

“The reggae band, the Black Emeralds are the backing band for this track. J Bonner is the leader of The Black Emeralds, and he and I are in the Engine Room together, and we both played on Jimmy Cliff’s Rebirth album. J, and his cousin Salina also played with me on my solo record, A Poet’s Life. Bobby Freeman wrote this tune, but I still consider this a Ramones song. This is our third Ramones cover.”

Check it out here.

The whole collection of Tim Timebomb and Friends songs is slated for a December 25th release through Hellcat Records.

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