Rammstein ‘Made In Germany 1995-2011’
2CD, DL (Spinefarm Records)
Released 5th December 2011

KRAUT ROCK ”“ Rammstein and Man VS Machine
Jacob King

Well grab my boots and call me Klaus, just in time for the Holidays or shall I say Holy-Daze”¦
Rammstein is releasing a greatest hits collection called ‘Made In Germany’.

My love for Kraut Rock started in my teens when I was convinced that Kraftwerk were winning the battle, (not by much) against the machines. In fact when the robots were being used instead of the actual band members in press photos, I understood that to mean the war was officially on. Devos message of ( man vs machine ) in 60s and early 70s follows a similar path. So when I researched a bit more into origins of Kraut Rock, it was clear to me that the music was not intended to pattern anything else before it, but to be its own unique genre specific to the modernization of a post war Germany. So if any of you dip shits think I am a PinkO, trust me I aint, I am just interested in the music evolution standpoint.

Another way to explain it might be that you can easily follow rocks roots back to the blues, back to its African roots. Kraut Rock pulls from a different chord and influence not right or wrong, just different, machines and rebuilding. OK before I go off the deep end lets get back to Rammestien.

Made In Germany keeps the syncopation of a factory machine shop turned on its side poured into a dance beat. When I listen to Rammestien, I instantly see images of gears and various metal parts moving and creating an overall factory ambiance at a 140db. You might hear a kick drum, I hear an anvil smashing against metal and my spine instantly aligns with punching the clock for my 15 hours shift at the Volkswagens factory.

Even the video for ‘Ich Will’ makes the hair on my arms standup with its machine guns, bank robberies, cops, imprisonment, press conferences, wow.. how German is that!

For the Rammstein uber fan, the special edition version from itunes comes with 33 tracks and a digital book. Das ist gro?artig kids!


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